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Fasting from Isolation Cell E4

Captain Price ordered my isolation for 5 days.

I feel like I am being punished for practicing my religion:  I AM a follower of the greatest prophet, Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I practice fasting according to His teachings:

  • Matthew 6:16-17 opens the discussion of fasting.
  • Matthew 9:15 instructs the disciples to fast when they are no longer in the presence of Jesus.
  • Matthew 17:21 says that prayer and fasting will cast out evil.
  • Acts 13:2-3 describes fasting in the early church.
  • 1 Corinthians 7:5 teaches to give yourself to fasting and prayer.
  • 2 Corinthians 11:27 speaks of Paul’s spiritual discipline to fast.

I also follow the Wisdom of Moses, King David, and the prophet Daniel who practiced fasting according to the Holy Bible.  I also follow the Knowledge of the Prophet Muhammad, whom God instructed to eat Syrian Rue in the teachings of the Quran – eating Syrian Rue forces a person to adhere to the dietary laws of Moses:  No pork or shellfish and very little wine or yeast leavening, for example.

I burn sacred incense like frankincense and shittim wood, or acacia, as prescribed by Moses in Leviticus 2:15-16 and Exodus 25:5-6:  Acacia was used to make the most sacred part of the Tabernacle, The Ark of the Covenant, which holds seven lamps and the Altar of Incense.

I also use the knowledge of the ancient shamans who make a sacred drink from acacia and Syrian Rue called Ayahuasca.  Additionally I use the knowledge of the Wise Men of the East, the Magi, who drink Golden Milk made from turmeric and black pepper.  Furthermore, I use the sacred Yopo seed, from the Yopo Tree, which is native to Israel.  The now-extinct natives of the Caribbean Islands, the Taino, grew Yopo Trees in their ceremonial sites in Puerto Rico.

As a US Citizen, the US Constitution guarantees my religious freedom and protects me from persecution because of my religion.  By punishing me for fasting, the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office is violating my Constitutionally protected rights.  I will fast until I cannot stand.


Prescription for Depression

My freeworld diet was high in MAOI’s.   In this place, I have become incredibly depressed – months of captivity in filth, with no sunlight, no fresh air, no exercise, and a constant threat of violence are all slowly murdering my soul.  

The doctor prescribed Citalopram:  I used it for about two weeks before I began to experience a side effect of twitching headaches.  I asked the doctor to prescribe an MAOI due to my experience with natural MAOI’s.  

He refused, and instead prescribed Zoloft.

I asked the nurse to print out the side effects for me.  In my opinion, it is criminal to give out harmful drugs like Zoloft, which causes insomnia in 21% of people, nausea in 26% of people, headaches in 22% of people, and a host of other side effects.

I asked the nurse for natural antidepressants, which do not require a prescription and are not controlled substances – I want Syrian Rue.  I want Golden Milk (turmeric & black pepper). 

She said that is not allowed. 

My depression is serious.  I rarely get out of bed anymore.  Some animals cannot be kept in captivity because they essentially lose the will to live – they stop eating.  The food here is poison anyway – even before they poison it.  

At Caldwell, a neighboring county – prisoners are known to have been punished with a water soluble poison that is gone from the body in 72 hours – this is not to kill a person, but to sicken and torture them.

The extent of the corruption is deep.  One person overheard police discussing if they should plant meth on him because they didn’t find any.  In his case they did not, but it’s common.

Searching a property immediately after a fresh arrest is detained in isolation is common here, too – I have met two others that had the same thing done to them.

Inside here, I feel like there is not much left that I can do to help myself.

Motion to Dismiss Retaliatory Charges

Brian has his second hearing today for his second round of felony charges.  Brian is moving to have them dismissed:

Sept 12, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle, represented Pro Se, with this Motion to Dismiss.  These three felony charges were filed with Malice, Ignorance, and possibly Retaliation.

Malice – because they are nearly duplicate charges. They are nearly the same charge filed differently.  This is nearly double jeopardy.  This charge is also filed to be intentionally misleading because when a fraction of a gram is dissolved in 320 grams of liquid, the weight of the liquid is irrelevant.

Ignorance – because DMT is only one of the neurotransmitters present in the solution, along with the object of my research – serotonin.  Both are found naturally in the human body and in plants.  The District Attorney currently has DMT in his body.  Should he be charged for manufacturing 170 pounds of DMT, or would that be an incorrect charge?

Retaliation – because these charges were filed immediately after I called the Department of Health to inspect the jail due to over 50% of ‘F’ dorm having bacterial and skin conditions contracted while in custody.

Tiger by the Tail

Officer Chris Eldreth never called me back, but Sheriff Jim Hartley did:  He advised that I put my grievance in writing and mail it to him, so I did:  Certified mail goes out tomorrow, and emails have already been dispatched.  I post my grievances here for the record, and because I’m concerned about Brian’s safety and well-being.

My first grievance concerns the abjectly unprofessional treatment I received from Officer Chris Eldreth on the morning of Friday, September 7, 2018:  I agree with Officer Chris Eldreth’s assessment that if I was physically in Ashe County, I would be unable to oppose the violence of ACSO – I hope my 1,500 mile distance is enough of a firewall to keep the boots of ACSO off my neck.

My second grievance concerns the incomplete and out-of-date contents of the legal library at the ACSO detention center:  By all accounts, the condition of the law library, and possibly the detention center as a whole, is abysmal.

Breakthrough Hearing

Brian’s two new felony cases – retaliation and punishment for a complaint to the Department of Health – were slipped into the Add-on docket of today’s Regular docket of the Main Courtroom.  The Add-on docket is for last-minute, unplanned cases – Brian’s case, as of today, is 77 days old – and he is still being held at the Ashe County Detention Center.

There are no transcripts or audio recordings from the District Court so only those present witnessed Brian wisely represent himself Pro Se, thus forcing the court to finally recognize him; he has thus far been denied an appearance before a court – in fact, he has not even been indicted on the first two felony cases.

Finally in the presence of public court, Brian reiterated his motions and filed them again with the Clerk of the Court and the District Attorney, which are republished again here:

“September 6, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle, represented Pro Se with this Motion To Preserve Evidence. Specifically, the laptop that was confiscated by ACSO contains my research work.  I research and publish in BOTH technology and medicine forums on the internet promoting academic and industry advancement.  My technology work is published at under the project titled XMLFoundation and my medicine research is published at under the project titled “Neurodegenerative Disease Cure 2018”.

I need the laptop returned in the same condition it was taken – specifically do NOT wipe the hard disk and do NOT erase browser cookies containing website login information.

In the interest of justice and honest defense, as explained to the court on September 6, 2018 please order this Motion To Preserve Evidence and return the property to the defense since the prosecutorial team has had it in their possession for 77 days and had ample opportunity to seek for evidence of narcotic sales which I know for certain does not exist on the laptop because I do not sell the small amounts of research items I experiment with.

September 6, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle, represented Pro Se with this Motion for Discovery.  This motion was presented orally to the court on September 6 after asking the District Attorney if the 3 new felony charges were based on new evidence.  The District Attorney refused to answer the question, therefore I pray the court orders prosecution to release all evidence to myself without further delay.  The delays to date have been unacceptable and can no longer be tolerated because we are now under the time restraints of the Motion for a Fast and Speedy Trial which was also spoken orally to the court on September 6 and served in writing to the District Attorney, the copy served to the DA was marked received by the Clerk of Court on August 7, 2018.

September 6, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle, represented Pro Se with this Motion for a Fast and Speedy Trial.  This motion was first filed in a letter dated August 1, 2018 and received and filed with the Clerk of Court on August 7, 2018 along with my motion to represent myself Pro Se pursuant to 15A-1242.  This motion asserts and reaffirms intentions filed on August 7, 2018.

September 6, 2018
Clerk of Court:
On September 6, 2018 Brian Aberle was before the court and on that day the District Attorney claims he did not receive documents that were marked received by the Clerk of Court on August 7, 2018.  I served him with my only copy of these documents other than the handwritten originals which are still in my possession.  Please mail me copies of these documents and copies of all Motions, Statements, and Letters on file with the Clerk of Court for the case of Brian Aberle who is represented Pro Se.

Thank you for your time on this important matter.”

In Brian’s own words:

I just got back from court.  I hope to God that the news was there.  I elected to represent myself in front of the courtroom.  I asked what my maximum sentence was:  130 months on just the three felonies that were before the judge.

First things first – Motion to Preserve Evidence – I told the court I am a medicine researcher and that the laptop contains evidence essential to my defense.  The judge said that the motion must be served to the DA’s office, I said “I thought that a motion filed with the Clerk of the Court is serving the DA.”  The judge was unsure of the procedure.

I said, “Since there were three new felonies filed, was there any new evidence?”  The District Attorney could not say or did not know?  WTF?  So I filed a Motion for Discovery of Evidence.  The judge said that the motion must be filed with the DA, I said it already was, and I have that motion right here stamped ‘received’ by the Clerk of the Court.  I served my copy to the DA right there.

The judge recommended that I use appointed-counsel.  I asked if I could retain my previously-appointed counsel as standby counsel.  The judge said, “I don’t think that North Carolina allows that anymore.”  I told him that the jail only gives me access to a law book that is 25 years old – and that book says that the court can appoint counsel as standby.  I asked the court to have the jail give me current legal reference – the judge said, “I don’t know what the jail must provide you with.”

See if the court proceedings were recorded, and if can you obtain the transcripts.

I hope the news was there.

God was with me.”


Retaliation for Complaint to Department of Health

On August 31st, an inspection crew from the Department of Health came to the jail to conduct a surprise inspection; a day earlier, a complaint (#88808) was filed for unsatisfactory sanitation at the detention center.

The inspection crew came into Brian’s dorm – F dorm – for less than one minute, lead by Chief Jailer Captain Sharon Price.

Later that evening, in front of several inmates, Captain Price by-way-of Sgt. Calloway threatened to punish Brian with administrative segregation for causing trouble with Department of Health.

Over the holiday weekend, the press made an inquiry to Captain Price about the complaint.

On Tuesday, September 4th, Brian was charged with three more felonies in two more cases.  Brian now has a total of SIX felony charges pending against him in four separate cases.  His first hearing for these three new charges is scheduled for Thursday, September 6th.*

Here are the additional charges being brought against Brian as retaliation for filing a complaint with the Department of Health:

  • 3501      Felony MANUFACTURE SCH I CS                      90-95(A)(1)
    (a) Except as authorized by this Article, it is unlawful for any person:
    (1) To manufacture, sell or deliver, or possess with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver, a controlled substance;
  • 3522      Felony FELONY POSSESSION SCH I CS           90-95(A)(3)
    (a) Except as authorized by this Article, it is unlawful for any person:
    (3) To possess a controlled substance.
  • 3515       Felony PWIMSD SCH I CS                                  90-95(A)(1)
    (a) Except as authorized by this Article, it is unlawful for any person:
    (1) To manufacture, sell or deliver, or possess with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver, a controlled substance;


* On the 9/6 docket, Brian’s cases appeared in the “Add-on” docket – a special, last-minute docket the court produces which is not widely available.