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Gone but not Forgotten

Captain Sharon Price has not shown up to work since the day after the election.  Her unannounced absence was public knowledge for the first 10 days or so, then Calloway and Lt. Stan Greer decided to spread a rumor she was back.

Tonight Sgt. Davis confirmed the truth:  She has been gone since the day after elections. Apparently she quit, however it is still unofficial.  She quit in the most unprofessional manner – unannounced absence until everybody gets the hint.


The Ashe County Skin Rash

We have had a temporary nurse since Julie quit.

Today, Frank R. Eason Jr. had a doctor visit:  Frank has only been here for a few days because he was transferred from another jail.  The doctor inspected him for lice and said, “You don’t have lice nits.”  The doctor then suggested he had “the Ashe County Skin Rash” – and admitted that most people who come here get the rash – he suspected that the problem is in the air ducts.

Class Action Lawsuit!

I purchase a full bottle of V05 conditioner every two weeks and keep my hair greased up; it helps with the lice and the mites – it’s the only thing I have found that helps.  I tried other products available on the commissary.  I had to shave off my beard – I keep my hair looking like a 1950’s ‘Greaser’ – several others just shave their head, which is not easy with the very poor quality razors we get.  We never have access to electric hair clippers. Black people use ‘magic shave’ to burn the hair off with chemicals, but that stuff hurts white folks.

A cop just looked over my shoulder…Greg Calloway is his name; he saw that I had typed ‘Class Action Lawsuit’ and said “Uh oh – class action lawsuit!”  So I allowed him to read this email – then I told him my experience with the doctor trying to give me hydrocortizone then seroquel (sleeping pills) for my rash.

Good Guys vs. Good Old Boys

YES!  Help the new sheriff……….

They have many heroin deaths in Ashe County.  I have (had?) Iboga from Africa – Meth is also a problem here…that Ayahuasca may help.

There is an Aya Church in North Carolina – I have their address and will contact them to begin building a relationship.
I’m sick…sickness here is never-ending.

A House Divided

Julie Foster agreed with me that due to the epidemic sickness, medical fees should be waived.  The deputies do not deny the epidemic – one new deputy has contracted a skin rash that is extremely common here – we suspect that there are mites AND lice here. Another deputy has a bad cough and viral infection in his lungs – they are not defending ACSO – they agree it’s inhumane and disease-ridden.

I don’t know if the new sheriff might come with a new DA…but a new sheriff may recognize the charges that Sharon Price had filed on me as malicious and in retaliation for the health inspection – deputies agree it was for bringing in the health inspector.

Day 3

I am so tired of the struggle in this jail.  Strangely, at the end of day three, I have not had a hunger pain yet – I have honestly lost the will to eat.  Perhaps I will hit 30 or 40 days with such a hunger free start – maybe finish in a hospital with an IV in my arm?  Is that what it will take for me to find justice?  I’m tired – physically very tired – but no hunger.