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Counter Offer

November 30, 2018

Clerk of the Superior Court
Ashe County District Attorney

Upon review of the plea offer and discovery packet that I received on November 26th, I submit this counter offer and affidavit testimony.

The plea offer suggested by the District Attorney was: “Plead guilty as charged and consolidate everything into one class H felony. Receive an active sentence of 10 to 21 months as a level 3 offender. Admit probation violation and activate the 6 to 17 month sentence which shall run at expiration of the 10 to 21 month sentence for a total active time of 16 to 38 months. ”

Due to the facts of this case which follow, my counter offer is to plead guilty to “Research without a permit”, a class H felony. Receive an active sentence of 6 to 8 months run concurrent with the 6 to 17 month probation violation for a total active time of 6 to 17 months with credit for 7 months time served. Consider the following fact:

I am 46 years old and have never had a drug charge until I moved to Ashe county. I had been living in Weaverville and working from home for a coffee importer in Asheville. I was setting up an office network and a Point of Sale database for BeanWerks, Inc. Due to a breakup with my girlfriend, I was in need of a new place to live and I was without a vehicle.

My employer was pleased with the work I had done for them and therefore contacted a friend that owns property in a remote location in Ashe county where I could continue my work via the Internet. My employer also suffers from a very serious neurodegenerative disease that has at times confined her to a wheelchair. She has sought expert treatment from around the world to no avail. I had been introducing her to natural plant medicines with qualities known to alleviate symptoms of the disease that she has. Medicine research has been the focus of my work for nearly 20 years.

The location of the property was perfect to conduct my research and work via the Internet. I expressed my intent to purchase the property that the owner was willing to sell. Planning for the long term, I began several construction projects in the home such as remodeling the bathroom and building a large corner desk in the living room. The painting equipment was in the kitchen and the hallway was filled with lumber for the shelving and desk that I was building. The home was under construction.

The next door neighbor has had a long standing feud with the owner of my property. The neighbor would throw trash in his yard and their dislike of each other was decades old. The neighbor immediately voiced his displeasure with me that he now owned a home next to a rental property. He concluded that I was not welcome to the neighborhood. The mans son, Austin, apologized for his father’s hateful behavior.

I have a medical permit issued by a licensed doctor and the State of California to posses less than one pound of cannabis. I am from Colorado were cannabis is legal and previously resided in the U.S. Virgin Islands where it is decriminalized. The hateful neighbors called the police and reported that I smoke marijuana. I do not smoke indoors so he may have smelled it.

I met the sheriffs deputy in my front yard and introduced myself. The officer asked if he could enter my home and I said, “No.” My home was a messy construction zone and not fit for guests at the moment. Furthermore, I was assaulted and severely beaten by police in California in an event that left my face with permanent scarring and an elliptical torn retina which did heal. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from that event and by no means would welcome police into my home since I was not on probation or parole and not required to. Ashe county sheriffs entered my home without my permission while I photographed them opening boxes and bags while searching my home illegally.

The sheriffs found 11 ounces of cannabis. I was arrested and put in jail with a $30,000 “Cash Only” bond so no bondsman could help me. Eventually the bond amount was reduced to $15,000 although still “Cash Only”. My family in Colorado sent the money to my employer in Asheville who drove 2 hours to come bond me out. During my stay in the jail I contracted some skin rash and possibly lice.

I was living in a very remote area with no vehicle. There is no taxi service, public transportation, or Uber drivers in the area. I was not able to arrange transportation to court. A few days later, sheriffs returned to re-arrest me for Failure to Appear. After another month in jail, I was willing to sign anything to be released. Under duress I plead guilty to two felonies for the cannabis, I refused to swear on the bible when the judge asked me to.

My new probation officer, Timothy Moretz, drove me home. I explained to him that I have no vehicle and that my home is a lab for medicine research. Honesty is my policy so I told Timothy that I smoke and eat cannabis to manage my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Timothy ranted about his hatred for marijuana. He told me that my California permits are void in North Carolina and that he will violate my probation and send me to prison if he discovers that I continue to use marijuana. Timothy also complained about the over population of the world. He told me that due to advancements in medicine and health care the worlds over population epidemic is getting worse. He threatened to send me to prison at his first opportunity.

Timothy made it clear that his threats were real. Timothy had judged me and found me guilty, he did not believe that I had honest employment and he was aware of my criminal charges from the past. I was an unwelcome refugee from California. Shortly thereafter, sheriffs deputies began parking in my driveway then driving away when I approached them. I knew the threat was real and I know that an unjust prison sentence put my life in jeopardy.

In fear for my life, I contacted the FBI to report prejudicial malicious prosecution. Twice I was on the phone with the FBI in Atlanta to report the harassment because my emails to the FBI had fallen on unresponsive deaf ears. Finally on the morning of June 21, I called the U.S. Secret Service in North Carolina to report that the FBI was not being helpful. How is a person supposed to call the authorities to report police harassment? I tried….to no avail.

On June 21, Timothy Moretz came to my home to arrest me. They had no reason for arrest. They searched my home for hours before they found two small bags of mushrooms in my freezer. They assumed, incorrectly, that the mushrooms were hallucinogenic. They were not.

Both bags of mushrooms were very small, about 3 grams each. Surprisingly, laboratory results from both bags of mushrooms were not contained in my discovery packet. The proof that the mushrooms were not hallucinogenic had been either removed or omitted from the discovery packet. Furthermore, detective Jon Stout falsified statements in the report he filed. Detective Stout claims that I confessed to purchasing pounds of hallucinogenic mushrooms and extracting oils from them that I inject intravenously via hypodermic needle. This is a complete fabrication.

The lies in detective Stout’s report seemed plausible to him however mushrooms do not contain oils and administration of them by needle is unheard of. The locally sourced wild mushrooms in my freezer were not a controlled substance. I have no needle marks anywhere on my body and healthy veins because I do not inject any substances. Detective Stout is mostly familiar with methamphetamine which can be administered intravenously and plants like cannabis which do contain oils which can be extracted. His incorrect assumptions exposed his lie. Furthermore, the initial discovery packet obtained by Garland Baker did not contain Stouts fabricated report and the date that the report was written was left blank while the date of the incident was supplied.

I use syringes in my medicine research laboratory to siphon and transfer small amounts of fluids, not to inject myself as detective Stout assumed. The 3 grams of edible mushrooms in my freezer were the only mushrooms in my home. Anyone with a portabella in the fridge is not safe with a detective like Jon Stout wearing a badge. Detective Stout is a liar who threatens honest justice and American freedom. His crime against Truth should be punished to prevent future failures of justice in Ashe county.

138 items plus my laptop were confiscated from my home. All of the evidence suggests small scale medicine research and not large scale drug manufacturing. The search warrant was issued for “large scale drug trafficking”. The only controlled substance found was LESS THAN 1/10th of a gram of DMT, which in fact was likely in part serotonin. The very tiny research extraction results were photographed within the discovery as: /users/hp/desktop/Todd-Lab/DMTShards.jpg in an image which shows that the entire yield of the extraction was about 1/10th of a gram. Many other photos document the extractions and concentrations of MAOI’s and AChi’s and incense from Syrian Rue.

Every single step of the lab work completed was documented by photograph on the laptop. In my kitchen were piles of locally sourced wild grass that were the subject of my medicine research. The two 10 kilogram bags of Syrian Rue were nearly empty – they were being used the most in projects that do not create controlled substances. It was those extractions that are being used to help Gudrun Casper who has sought expert doctors in the U.K., Germany, and the United States to treat her neurodegenerative disease.

Furthermore, the documents contained on the laptop include “Neurodegenerative Disease Cure 2018” which is a Ph.D. level outline of my findings. That document, and others, indicative of my work are not included in the discovery packet. The selection of documents does not honor truth or justice, it honors deception and malicious prosecution. Additionally, the State Crime Lab reports identified trace amounts of DMT that remained in the naphtha solvent after the 1/10th of a gram had been extracted. Those trace amounts were measured by molecule count – not by weight measured in grams. Detective Stout misrepresented the data by counting the entire weight of the solvent as 320 grams of pure DMT – a gross and inexcusable inaccuracy based on malice not ignorance.

Honest justice does not need to be deceitful. Jon Stout failed to create believable lies due to his lack of knowledge regarding mushrooms and DMT. How many people has he sent to prison based on falsified statements?

The administration of Ashe county jail put me into a solitary confinement isolation cell for my first 40 days in the jail. My first phone call was finally allowed after 30 days. My bond was set at $300,000. I was only allowed to shower 1 time per week for the first two weeks. I was subjected to nonstop outbreaks of lice and skin rashes. For 3 felony charges i requested court appointed counsel that withdrew from my case because I elected self representation for the second 3 felony charges that were filed 77 days after my initial arrest and 3 days after I called the department of Health to inspect the jail. I was without the appointed counsel that I requested and the jail provides no law library or legal reference books besides the definition of the charges for which a prisoner is accused. I filed a motion for a Probable Cause hearing that was refused by the District Court.

The owner of the property where I was staying was stuck with a partial construction project and a mess due to the malicious prosecution. I had pending work contracts that I had invested a tremendous amount of time into, all my work has been lost. Over $4000 in laboratory equipment was destroyed. My equipment was legal to obtain and posess without research permits because it was used to create many essential oils and unregulated plant extracts. The front page newspaper article mentioned explosives and drug trafficking, it was a defamation of my character.

Finally, federal sentencing guidelines recommended that 1 gram of DMT carry a punishment equal to 100 grams of cannabis, therefore 1/10th of a gram ought to be punished equivalently to 10 grams of cannabis. This federal guidance was created for authorities that are ignorant to the nature of DMT. Those guidelines differentiate substances like PCP which carry severe penalties for a single gram.

Clearly I am a victim of more than mere ignorance and I do not deserve more punishment so please accept my counter offer.

Brian Aberle


Indicted on all Six Counts

These motions MUST be filed within 21 days of indictment – so they were:


November 19, 2018
Case No:  18 CRS 050638

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with this Motion to Order Release of Evidencial Discovery to the defendant pursuant to G.S. 15A-902(c).

This case was in District Court for 5 months where my request for a Probable Cause hearing and my request for the release of evidencial discovery were denied.  Therefore I request a hearing to order the prosecution to comply with the request to release discovery.

I elected to be represented by appointed counsel on 3 of the 6 charges that I am facing.  I elected self representation on the other 3 charges.  I currently have no representation and the Ashe County Jail has no law library or legal reference material so please excuse my informality.


November 19, 2018
Case No:  18 CRS 050638

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with this request for an Arraignment hearing pursuant to G.S. 15A-630.

My appointed counsel withdrew from my case because he only represented me on 3 of the 6 charges.  This has left me without any legal counsel and no legal reference books in the Ashe County Jail so please excuse my informality.

The District Court judge did grant my “Motion to Preserve Evidence” because my laptop contains evidence necessary for my defense.  I would request the Superior Court judge to order the prosecution to release that evidence to the defense at this time.

Howell Highlights from

“I noticed after the primary election that Phil Howell had put up these small red signs that said Thank You and drilled them on his big signs. It was a large part of my decision to vote for him (in the general election). I thought it said a lot about his character and people at my office and church said the same thing. Several actually said that they had planned to vote for Bucky until they saw those signs.

I wondered if he’d put them back up if he won the big election. I thought if he did then he’d be doing it out of genuine appreciation since the election would be over. Well those signs are back. A few friends said they saw some the VERY NEXT MORNING after the election. I must not have paid attention but friends and family say he had them up Wednesday morning befor the sun was even up. That means this guy won the election and then headed out in the dark to thank the voters. I think even Bucky supporters have to see that that’s a good sign for how Sheriff Howell will run his department. It shows that he knows who he works for and that he appreciates us.”

“A politician thanked his supporters? That’s unheard of. This guy really is cut from a different cloth.”

“Phil has also closed his business High Country Guns and Conceal carry, figuring it would not be ethical for him to instruct public conceal carry classes since he will be signing the back of all conceal carry permits. Now thats a upstanding gentleman for sure.”

“My point the post was simply to say I thought the Thank You signs were a nice gesture that many people I know appreciated. I said nothing initially about Bucky or partisan politics but the bitter Bucky voters had to tear this thread down to their level yet again.

I’m glad we have a Sheriff that recognizes the people. That’s all. Leave t to bitter Bucky people to derail a positive topic.”

“wonder if Phil will steep up and get rid of all the ones in the jail that you all say needs to go???”

“I think it’s pretty obvious what the opinion of the voters were this time, we the people are simply not going to have the good ol boy system anymore.

If the jail captain and other jailers who have been caught on camera and posted on this site are not terminated by Sheriff Howell, then to me that’s a personal insult for my vote! The choice is a clear one, Sheriff Howell needs to fix the jail.”

“Howell should give SPrice & the Lt. from Virginia & GCalloway & couple of other’s an opportunity to resign – but under no circumstances should he keep them as they will certainly work to undermine Phil and his administration. Those officers worked hard attacking Phil because they knew if Bucky lost, their party of misconduct would come to an end.

Voters who trusted their eyes over those officers lies and rumors, most people saw first hand what these officers done while wearing a badge in the pictures. When they were exposed, everyone waited for Bucky to fire those officers – but when it became apparent that Bucky wasn’t going to end the corruption or even acknowledge the problem, They voted against him.”

“She may try but it won’t do her any good Bucky is done thanks to the ppl of Ashe county! It’s going to be very interesting to watch how many walk out when Phil is sworn in on December 1st..wonder who he has in mind to take over as Jail captain if or when SP resigns.

Let’s all hope he doesn’t make the mistake of bringing the other SP back she was just as bad as this administration when it came to Mr.Rivera and his “freedom” to roam and have contact visits etc.”

“I can’t wait for the change of sheriffs hopefully this will be the change Ashe has long needed! This is not going to be Phil’s easiest project probably the hardest of his life. That place is in shambles thanks to Buchanan and his bunch of crooks then Hartley, Bucky and his bunch of corrupt Aholes.

Oh yeah let’s not forget the wonderful Mr.Rivera and his best friends from the jail they sure helped Bucky LMAO! Around of applause for SP, GC, KM and the other detention staff that seems to think it’s cool to be friends with former inmates on social networks! Let’s pray Phil puts a stop to the detention staff and the rest of the SO being friendly with former inmates on social pages. Ethics and how not to intermingle with inmates is a few topics that needs to be taught to the jail staff.”

“Phil is now the highest elected official in the County. Bucky could have been a decent Sheriff had it not of been for Sharon, Calloway, Miller and a few others. Those handful of people talked trash about Phil behind his back while kissing up to him to his face while in the background they done as they pleased which included allowing inmates to break laws, etc.

They thought Bucky would remain in as Sheriff and nothing could shake his popularity. Despite the release of those pictures, Bucky never took control or done what should have been done. Fired those employee’s and tell the County that he was running that he doesn’t support that kind of conduct. Instead he arrogantly believed everyone would ignore the pictures and what his “buddies” were doing to him and his reputation. It was a serious miscalculation on his part which ended up costing him hundreds of supporters.

Hopefully Phil will take charge and remove the bad apples and get the detention center and department back on track.”

“The commissioners have no authority over the sheriff. They can talk all they want, but Howell was elected by the people. That’s who he answers to, not the commissioners. And as the rightfully elected sheriff, he has full authority to do anything he wants, as long as it’s legal.”

“Ever seen the original Joe Don Baker movie “Walking Tall”? Law enforcement officials are supposed to have character and pride and walk a certain line. Deputies/Policeman/Highway Patrol all have a certain standard! Why should our Detention/Jailers be any different? Some Ashe Jailers are pathetic, why do you ask? Look at the Head Jailer/Captain WAFJ…. Sheriff Howell will only have success in his office if he surrounds himself with officers who walk tall. His chief deputy Houck knows all about that being a military man, hope he personally gives high and tight cuts, clean shaved instructions first thing. And for goodness sakes get some dental insurance for the county employees.”

“First thing he needs to do when he steps in his role is remove the toothless one. Her and the others pictured have tarnished the jail and the department.”

“I told you this county was tired of the good ol boy system! LMAO Howell congratulations, hope your first oder of business is to fire S. Price and get your jail in order. You promised good change let us the voters see you keep your word! Go Howell, make Ashe great again!”

“When the Colorado state legislature banned 30rd ammunition magazines in that state, who stood up and refused to enforce that unconstitutional law? A few sheriffs. ALL of the sheriff’s who refused were Republican sheriff’s. None were Democrats. This made gun owners in one county have to drive several counties away to a jurisdiction with a Republican Sheriff just to go to the shooting range with their previously-legal guns. Ask those gun owners if the party of their Sheriff mattered. Same thing has happened in Mass and NY I voted for Howell. The guy owns a federal firearms license. I know where he stands.”

“Well goodbye, now if that lying S.Price and the rest of that corrupt non professional jailers will resign maybe Sheriff Howell can get that jail in order. Goodbye ” Good Ol Boy System”!”

Jail House Rash

Make public the “Jail House Rash” that Sharon Price had been covering up.  One jailer has caught it.  When Nurse Julie quit unexpectedly, the jail had a temp nurse two days per week for a while – now another.   The news is out, and the fact is no longer denied by the jail doctor who only comes one day per week:  The doc openly suggests that the rash is caused by the air ducts that are in dire need of long-overdue servicing.

I GUARANTEE that if we could get air quality samples for mold and mites, the place will fail – it’s not that expensive.  Countless numbers of people have the rash – some are covered head to foot; the lice is another problem altogether…..

Sharon Price has not shown up to work since the day after the election.

Handwriting on the Wall

Psalm 119:126 – “They have made void the law, so it is time for you Lord to work.”  I wrote it on the wall – it’s in a place where all the police see it.  

I don’t have a NC address anymore – ACSO has made me homeless:  I was expecting some mail at my old address…I would happily fix the mess that ACSO left that property in, but my landlord may not want me there.

I’m still growing, shedding ego, in here…epiphanies of connected dots…but this body stays sick – I still have lice/mites that cause daily scabs on my scalp – out of sight due to my hair, thankfully – I am anxious to get medication for that.

Do what you can – a phone call or two to the DA/Judge/Sheriff is more powerful and effective than you might suspect – anything that may generate a phone call may help.  Thanks – hope to see you soon.

Postpone, then Bum Rush

The Grand Jury is meeting today!  WFT?  Given the deceitful information they will see, I expect an indictment. 

Five months now and I have not even had my probable cause hearing – if convicted I can appeal based on my denied probable cause hearing.  The courts also have a responsibility to appoint a lawyer for my first two cases (three felonies) – for which I have asked repeatedly:  My letter requesting a probable cause hearing, a speedy trial, and standby counsel were not considered – because they say I had representation at that time, and then only “representation” can file motions. 


Mightier than the Sword

Day 12, and I am strong.

I was punished with five days in the hole for not eating, and it did not stop me despite Lt. Stan Greer telling me that I would not be released from the hole “until you eat”.  I won that standoff because deputies agreed with me.

Today, Deputy Greg Calloway threatened me – back to the hole for not eating.  He is very fat.  In front of the dorm, I told him, “If I should be punished for under-eating – then you should be punished for overeating.”  He yelled at me, “Shut the fuck up.”

Truth is a sharp s(word), a sharp word, a sword.

Enjoy this little rhyme I wrote:

I’m so square that I’m G 2
so extra dimensional that I’m G cubed
To the power of 3, I’m all G
since youth I’m original – triple O G
Truth unfictional is all I can be
so unpredictable is all you see
I’m the very first-bet from A to Z
I’m the Alpha-bet, full letter G
I obey the primary rule
a G+ grade since primary school
Look at you – you just do what they say
You failed school – with a straight A

I sling white magic
but I’m Ebonic with my slang
I Ying the worst black tragic
and I bless you with my Yang
I’m a 5 point flicker
flaming star like a Wicca
with my 6 point crew
I’m Israeli like a Jew
fluid IAM swirlin’
druid like I’m Merlin
I flag triple 7
I’m born triple 9
I flip triple 6’s
like every number’s mine
I’m 7’s so I’m root
Eunuchs know its true
I’m Magi iam Wise Man
My badge says I am fly man
I hang with the bosses
cuz I bring the gnosis
Don’t stumble on this capstone
‘cuz heaven is my Dad’s home


Letter to the Court

October 11, 2018

Clerk of Court:
District Attorney:
Honorable Judge:

Regarding bond 18 CR 050313 which was forfeited. I implore your mercy and forgiveness for my failure to appear resulting in this forfeiture. I apologize for not immediately notifying the court after my absence which compounded the trouble. Although my circumstance is not an excuse, I humbly ask that you consider the circumstance surrounding this failure to appear:

I live in a very rural area with no taxi service and no public transportation. I have no drivers license and an even larger hindrance is that I have no vehicle. I was so new to the area that i had not been introduced to mg neighbors who may have been able to help with transportation. Living 10 to 20 miles from court and being unfamiliar with the roads here made walking/hitchhiking/or bicycling difficult. Regardless, i seek not to excuse my absence but to apologize for it.

That $15,000 “Cash Only” bond for the marijuana charge was extremely difficult to make. The surety signer, my employer, had to drive up from Asheville and the funds came from family in Colorado.

The subsequent case regarding my medicine research lab has a $300,000 bond which is impossible for me to make. My research findings are published online in Ph.D. medicine forums and I had expected that the rising interest in my publications would have lead to obtaining a sponsor or a research grant by now, however this lengthy incarceration has prevented that. Furthermore, at present I am unable to call upon family or friends to help me make this unreasonably high bond.

This pretrial detainment, without legal counsel, and in a facility without resources for referencing current law, case law, or general court rules and procedures leaves me significantly hindered from legal preparation.

In my current situation, the only bond I can possibly make is an unsecured appearance bond. Please find mercy on my situation and consider that my research work and nearly 25 years professional experience surrounding medicine and health care systems has the best intentions for society and the community. I submit that my case is misunderstood and the facts will reveal themselves. In the interest of justice, please entitle me to a presumption of innocence by granting me an unsecured bond.

Without any legal references I am unsure how to put myself on the court calendar to hear this motion. My resources have been unable to locate the 23rd Judicial District local rules of the District Court Division, however rule 14.1 for the 26th District states that “Attorneys requesting cases to be added should request the District Attorney to sign the addition slip” therefore this letter has been mailed in duplicate to both the DA and the Clerk of Court.

The extremely lengthy delay in my case in District Court bestows an unfair advantage to the prosecution who perpetually continues the case. Lacking reference for the 23rd District , in the 26th District rules 4.3b states that trial shall be within 30 days of charge. Rules 4.5 state factors to be considered when deciding continuances.

Rules 4.5 state factors to be considered when deciding to grant or deny a motion to continue:

a) effective assistance of counsel
b) the age of the case
c)the incarceration or detention status of the defendant

In consideration of all this, in the interest of justice, and presumption of innocence please grant this motion for an unsecured bond on the next available court calendar.

Furthermore, in the event that we can settle this matter in District Court, I am willing to negotiate. I admit to having been conducting my research without permits, however I have never been party to any sales of controlled substances neither was I in possession of any more than very small amounts consistent with research purposes. To reach a quick resolution, I will forego all civil charges against Ashe County for violation of Due Process, for Malicious Prosecution, for Defamation of Character in erroneous media publications, for confiscation of 138 items which were not subject to confiscation, and for the improper conditions during detainment. Otherwise all of these items will be submitted to the Federal US District Court in the form of a U.S.C. 1983 Civil Suit which is already largely prepared based on the history of this case which is published online at:

The ACLU is interested in representing my case. Please advise me if I should retain them or if we might come to a speedy resolution.

I hope that mercy and forgiveness might prevail between Ashe County and myself for our failures to adhere to proper procedures.


Brian Aberle

Day 9 – House Divided

I feel VERY STRONG on day 9!  When I close my eyes, the colors I see are a bit brighter than usual.  I had an AMAZING dream – I was bouncing on the earth, and I kept going higher and higher – it was bizarre, as I bounced, the sun got brighter and hotter.  Then after my highest bounce, I landed high up in a mountain that was ice-covered, and the ice was melting from the extra heat that the hotter sun had caused.

I accidentally broadcast some of my thoughts.  I was wondering what day it was, and as I thought, a prisoner in ear shot of me asked another prisoner what day it was.  I won’t need to open my mouth at all pretty soon.  So, as to your question about how day 9 is going:  Wow, I want to go farther than I have ever gone before.

Much gratitude for the 1983 USC info – I know how to use it, and I will put it to good use.

My time in isolation was another fiasco for ACSO:  Lt. Stan Greer threatened me, saying that I would be released “when I eat”.  Ha!  I’m not quitting my religious practice under ACSO threats – and I communicated that to him.  Two days later, he comes and says “ok we will let you out today.”  Then he leaves me there for another three days while all the jailers take my side in the dispute of unjust punishment.

Some deputies LOVE me and some HATE me – like Calloway, who has tried to insult me at meal time in front of the whole dorm.   Some jailers petition Sharon Price on my behalf.

I won that one – I’m back in general population as of a few hours ago.

Fasting from Isolation Cell E4

Captain Price ordered my isolation for 5 days.

I feel like I am being punished for practicing my religion:  I AM a follower of the greatest prophet, Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I practice fasting according to His teachings:

  • Matthew 6:16-17 opens the discussion of fasting.
  • Matthew 9:15 instructs the disciples to fast when they are no longer in the presence of Jesus.
  • Matthew 17:21 says that prayer and fasting will cast out evil.
  • Acts 13:2-3 describes fasting in the early church.
  • 1 Corinthians 7:5 teaches to give yourself to fasting and prayer.
  • 2 Corinthians 11:27 speaks of Paul’s spiritual discipline to fast.

I also follow the Wisdom of Moses, King David, and the prophet Daniel who practiced fasting according to the Holy Bible.  I also follow the Knowledge of the Prophet Muhammad, whom God instructed to eat Syrian Rue in the teachings of the Quran – eating Syrian Rue forces a person to adhere to the dietary laws of Moses:  No pork or shellfish and very little wine or yeast leavening, for example.

I burn sacred incense like frankincense and shittim wood, or acacia, as prescribed by Moses in Leviticus 2:15-16 and Exodus 25:5-6:  Acacia was used to make the most sacred part of the Tabernacle, The Ark of the Covenant, which holds seven lamps and the Altar of Incense.

I also use the knowledge of the ancient shamans who make a sacred drink from acacia and Syrian Rue called Ayahuasca.  Additionally I use the knowledge of the Wise Men of the East, the Magi, who drink Golden Milk made from turmeric and black pepper.  Furthermore, I use the sacred Yopo seed, from the Yopo Tree, which is native to Israel.  The now-extinct natives of the Caribbean Islands, the Taino, grew Yopo Trees in their ceremonial sites in Puerto Rico.

As a US Citizen, the US Constitution guarantees my religious freedom and protects me from persecution because of my religion.  By punishing me for fasting, the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office is violating my Constitutionally protected rights.  I will fast until I cannot stand.