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Hard Drugs

I am seriously depressed.

About a week ago, for the first time in my 46 year life, I began taking a pharmaceutical antidepressant, an SSRI.  I have done much reading about them.  I thought it would be a safe way to raise my serotonin levels.  However, it had side effects – I began to have ‘startle reflexes’ just as I would fall asleep – a kick of my leg, or a spasm in my arms, something I have never experienced before in my whole life.

I stopped taking it today.

I am still trying to be switched to a stronger and more effective antidepressant.  My body is accustomed to natural MAOI’s:  Golden Milk which is turmeric & black pepper, Passion Flower, and Banisteriopsis caapi, but Syrian Rue is nature’s strongest natural MAOI, which I requested.  However, I’m told only a pharmaceutical will be available.

MAOI’s stop the metabolism of my natural, endogenous serotonin and my endogenous DMT as you probably know.  The nurse is awaiting doctor’s permission to put me on an MAOI because it has dietary conflicts with preservatives:  I would no longer be able to eat food with yeast extracts like MSG – it’s the same diet required by Syrian Rue.  I offered to switch to a vegetarian diet tray because the bologna, chicken patties/nuggets, and other meats have preservatives in them.

I just got an email – I must send this before I can read it or see who sent it.

FYI:  The kind nurse’s name is Julie Foster.


Mite be Scabies

I was threatened in front of the whole dorm:  I told the jailer that this [lice] outbreak is the fault of the administration here – and a deputy went off!  Yelling and threatening to have me “sent to the hole for my opinion” – he was pissed.

The inmates moved away from the deputy and encouraged me to do likewise; they feared that I would be beaten off-camera, then accused of assaulting the jailers:  I was not even disrespectful when I stated that uncleanliness lead to the outbreak, and that the administration is responsible for the cleanliness [of the detention center].

There is plenty of debate in this dorm about mites or scabies being in here – there seems to be more than lice:  There is an unknown skin condition affecting about a third of us. One person has what several of us think is a staph infection.  Another person has a positively identified case of ringworm – and has been given the correct anti-fungal medicine for it.

After my first arrest for marijuana – my landlord told me that several of the guys he works with from this area were arrested and held for 72 hours – and they came out of the jail with lice.  This is a VERY reoccurring problem here in the detention center, and the administration has “their own way of handling it” – which some might call insufficient.

Some family members are complaining from the outside.  One prisoner here – his mother worked in another jail for McDowell County, so she called a sergeant at that county to get resources about lice outbreaks.  It was not handled properly here – when she worked as a jailer at McDowell County, lice outbreaks were handled much differently.

They made everybody strip their bedding and sit around in underwear for about five hours today – when the laundry came back, it was still damp.  There is a rumor that we will all be forced to shave our heads bald – or be moved to isolation if we refuse.  Since I have court tomorrow, I may choose isolation and treat my infected scalp properly – certainly if I am released.

We are all itching.  We constantly ask for cleaning supplies – and we are constantly denied.

Discovery #2 of 3 – and Counting

This won’t be the last discovery; Motions to Compel notwithstanding, still missing are the lab results from the mushrooms, i.e. the probable cause for the original arrest.  Interestingly about the mushrooms that Brian harvested from his front yard, while they likely contained no psilocybin, they absolutely contained DMT.

Brian has truth and righteousness on his side, ACSO has search and seizure warrants based on hearsay if anything at all, and the public is witness to how they could be treated by ACSO.  As for the spectacle of how ACSO handles its business, certainly its “Grievance Process”:  I bet Sheriff Hartley is looking forward to December 31st.

Brian has his biggest “hearing” to-date tomorrow.  His third in as many weeks, in as many months.

No Grievances? No Problem!

My grievance was returned by Captain Sharon Price, dated Sept 18:

My request for legal reference material was responded to with “only specific information relating to your charges can be requested,” which is simply not true.  Nevertheless, I replied requesting current state and federal code, motions, and general court proceedings for reference material, plus current information regarding DMT laws:  The jail says it is only liable to give me the legal code for the crimes for which I am charged, which again is not true:  They owe defendants legal research material including case law, court proceedings, example motions, state and federal code – a typical jail or prison law library.

So, a deputy came and gave me “legal reference material” – I have been asking verbally, in writing and with grievances to get law books that will help me prepare for trial.  I was handed five printed pages of drug laws that make no mention of DMT anywhere on them.  The deputy was kind about it when I pointed out the insufficiency in what he handed me.  I had to sign that I received it, so next to my signature I put (1 of 4 requests) because the Motions, Case Law, and Federal code which I asked for were not included – and the state code that was given to me made mention of Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and MDMA – but nothing regarding DMT – so it is of little use.

As for all outstanding digital grievances:  The administration dismissed thousands of outstanding “grievances”. “Those grievances were not delivered,” was the reason given.  The jail rules handbook states that grievances should be filed on the digital kiosk.  That is were ALL inmates have been filing them since last year – none of which have been responded to – all of which are now deleted.

Of Lice and Men

Today (9/16), there was a confirmed case of lice in my dorm, “F”, that houses 20 men:  We were all deloused.  The female dorm had an epidemic lice outbreak just last month.  This filth is part of the punishment of a jail that provides no outside yard time with fresh air.

Just two days ago, there was some problem with the air conditioning system and the air became damp and muggy.  We keep a bucket in the small walking area that catches dripping water from the skylight; when it lands on the floor, it becomes very slippery.

How the Detention Center Grievance Process “Works”

Today, I hand-wrote the following grievance on an ACSO grievance form supplied by the deputy and handed it to a deputy who had a sergeant witness that it was placed where Captain Sharon Price would get it:


Name:  Brian Aberle

Date:  September 14, 2018


All outstanding grievances on the digital kiosk that had never been responded to and remained unacknowledged for months were deleted yesterday without ever having been responded to.

Likewise my previous written grievances had never been responded to.  Nearly every prisoner had open grievances that were delete without ever being answered or receipt of them ever having been acknowledged.

A proper grievance process should be signed “received” by an officer and responded to within a reasonable time.  During my stay here there has been no grievance process and no access to current state and federal legal reference books.


The ACSO grievance form has a signature line, which I signed.  It also has a section titled “Response” and nothing else on it.  I also have a grievance form from another county.  It has several more items on the form including:

  1. Time along with the date filed by inmate,
  2. Cell location,
  3. Date Received,
  4. Officer signature,
  5. Resolution,
  6. If rejected – a rejection code, rejection justification, and date,
  7. Grievance Officer signature


Tiger by the Tail

Officer Chris Eldreth never called me back, but Sheriff Jim Hartley did:  He advised that I put my grievance in writing and mail it to him, so I did:  Certified mail goes out tomorrow, and emails have already been dispatched.  I post my grievances here for the record, and because I’m concerned about Brian’s safety and well-being.

My first grievance concerns the abjectly unprofessional treatment I received from Officer Chris Eldreth on the morning of Friday, September 7, 2018:  I agree with Officer Chris Eldreth’s assessment that if I was physically in Ashe County, I would be unable to oppose the violence of ACSO – I hope my 1,500 mile distance is enough of a firewall to keep the boots of ACSO off my neck.

My second grievance concerns the incomplete and out-of-date contents of the legal library at the ACSO detention center:  By all accounts, the condition of the law library, and possibly the detention center as a whole, is abysmal.

How the ACSO Grievance Process “Works”

I called the ACSO this morning to file a grievance with them about the condition of their legal library in their detention center:  Their library is grievously out-of-date and incomplete.

After calling them back (they put me through to voicemail first), I was transferred to and greeted on speakerphone by at least one person who identified himself as Officer Chris Eldreth.

I introduced myself to Officer Eldreth and thanked him for helping me to file a grievance.  I explained to him the nature and substance of my complaint, and I told him I am looking for two things from the grievance:

  1. I’d like to know who is responsible for the legal library in the detention center.  If it’s not ACSO, then who?
  2. I’d like to have an inventory list of the legal library in the detention center.

When I asked Officer Eldreth how the grievance process gets started, he didn’t answer my question and instead began to aggressively interrogate me.  For a few minutes, I answered his barrage of questions, despite his repeated and hostile interruptions.

Officer Eldreth refused to answer every single question I asked him – so I finally asked him if he was also going to refuse to accept my grievance.


So I asked the question again:  “Are you refusing to accept my grievance?”

Still no answer.

I asked him if we were on a recorded line, and for a third time, “Officer Eldreth, are you refusing to accept my grievance?”  Finally, he answered my question – by hanging up the phone.

The secretary sounded confused when I greeted her for the third time – I called back; maybe the call got disconnected…  She put me through to Officer Eldreth – and I got his voicemail.

How’s THAT for a grievance process?

Rampant Filth & Disease in the Ashe County Detention Center

The jail is very dirtyit has been unclean and mismanaged for a long time.  There is currently an outbreak of ear infections and skin infections.  In my dorm of 20 men, five have ear infections (including myself – I need antibiotics – external antibiotics failed so now I am on oral antibiotic ‘sulfamethoxazle’.

The skin conditions are even more numerous.  The nurse, Julie Foster, (a kind person) is busy.  She often prescribes an antihistamine first, fruitlessly, then external antibiotics mostly fruitlessly, then amoxicillin or the thing I am on are taken orally.

There is a lice outbreak in the female dorm.

OVER HALF THE DORM IS SICK.  I put in a request to waive the $20 nurse visit fees during this time of epidemic sickness in the jail.

I would push to get the Dept of Health to investigate the jail beginning in Dorm ‘F’ where air samples will fail.  However, I cannot do those things myself.”


“Many inmates with infections do not want to pay medical fees. Given the current epidemic that the nurse Julie Foster does recognize, most medical fees are now being waived in “F” dorm.  It may be a combination of two problems:  Bacterial, and a form of scabies.  We need the Dept of Health to inspect whether the cause is from the water, food preparation, or air ducts.

Julie Foster is working to solve the problem while Chief Jailer Captain Sharon Price is working to conceal the problem, angrily denying facts of liability in the presence of myself, the nurse, and guards. 

F dorm is housing mostly inmates from Cauldwell County, and predictably they show signs of infection, digestive disorders, and skin conditions within 10 days in the facilities.”


“In F dorm, there is a permanent puddle under the common sink.  The painted cement floor is very slippery when wet.  I saw 60 year old Kevin Drew slip and fall – he was hurt for a week.  The skylight also leaks when it rains.

Thick dust clings to every vertical surface – walls and pillars – 15 feet high.  Filth on horizontal surfaces – especially in the air ducts – is even thicker accumulation.  It appears that the ventilation system is badly in need of service.  Ventilation and temperature are affected by closing the food trap near the door:  It has been closed to punish us for reaching out the hole to obtain sheets and bedding.  Closing the trap door restricts air flow and raises the temperature.

We also have been punished by being forbidden access to the broom (someone misused the broom handle to lift water bags).  There is no trash can in the dorm. Sometimes there is a trash BAG, but sometimes there is even no trash bag and trash piles up in that spot.

If there is ever soap at the sink, it’s only because an inmate put it there.  Most often there is no soap at all because prisoners use it to wash clothes:  The weekly laundry service is often delayed and always smells musty, inspiring inmates to wash their clothes by hand.  Occasionally there are gnats in the shower area. The mop is only available every few days. Disinfectant spray has only been brought to the dorm 1 time during my stay.

The jail issues a denim outfit for inmates to wear.  Inmates must rely on care packages, usually from friends and family, to obtain things like socks, underwear, or a shirt.  The jail issues an inmate ONE single denim outfit, creating a crisis when attempting to obtain clean laundry – inmates can’t go naked while their clothes are being washed, so many prisoners simply do not wash their clothes, and some wear bed sheets while awaiting clean clothes – an incredible liability in a place where fights break out frequently.”


Criminal Injustice

My name is Brian Aberle.  I am a chemist and plant medicine researcher. I have professional experience in oncology with Siemens Medical and management-level experience in health care systems at Kaiser Permanente.  I research natural plant medicines that are alternatives to pharmaceutical anti-depressants.  I publish a website about my work:  http:\\\happy.

I also research plant medicine to cure neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, which are generally treated with a class of medicine called Acetyl-Cholinesterase-Inhibitors (or AChI’s).  I published a Ph.D. level thesis outline titled “Neurodegenerative Disease Cure 2018” at where I publicly answer chemistry questions about my work.  I have posted answers about how to properly neutralize caustic mixtures for environmentally safe disposal as well as more advanced questions about how to isolate individual alkaloids such as harmaline found in Syrian Rue.

Shortly after I relocated to Ashe County, deputies of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office illegally searched my home.  North Carolina does not recognize my California medical permits, and the illegal search yielded marijuana, most of it decarboxylated, which makes it orally active, and has been found to be the most effective form for cancer treatment or use as an AChI medicine.  Although it was discovered illegally, and despite the fact it was not being sold, I plead guilty to two felonies and was placed on probation.

I was assigned to a probation officer named Timothy Moretz.  When I introduced myself to Officer Moretz, I explained to him my work in chemistry,  and how I research the effects of plant medicines on neurotransmitter levels in the brain – how anti-depressants such as SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and MAOI’s work by raising serotonin and DMT levels, which exist naturally, or endogenously, in the human brain.  And that some plants such as Yopo contain both serotonin and DMT…  Timothy’s response to me was that “the world is overpopulated” and that “advancements in healthcare and medicine are to blame”.

After being on probation for about a month, my home was once again maliciously raided and aggressively searched.  On June 21, 2018, Timothy Moretz overstepped the law and with nine other officers, came into my home unannounced and for two hours searched my house.  One of the officers produced, a small amount of mushrooms from within my freezer.  Officer Moretz presumed them to be hallucinogenic, whereupon he arrested me and had me charged with a felony.

I was then thrown into an isolation cell at the Ashe County Detention Center for 41 days.  I was initially deprived of phone access as well as the communication kiosk during my weekly trip to the shower.

Once Timoty Moretz had me falsely imprisoned, he returned to my home that very evening to trespass onto my property and continue his unlawful ransack of my papers, plants, my laboratory – my entire home.

Ahead of any evidence, Timothy Moretz got a search warrant from Judge Puckett, absurdly based on a statement I made to him about plants and urine containing DMT.  He returned with his absurd search warrant, and as Michael Sheron from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation described it, a “fiasco” ensued.

Upon the execution of Timoty Moretz’s search warrant on June 26, no shortage of emergency services were summoned:  What Timothy presumed to be an explosive device turned out to be just an oil lamp and an incense burner – as confirmed by the bomb squad, who were there after being dispatched to respond to Moretz’s emergency situation.  Three fire departments were dispatched:  Todd, Fleetwood, as well as the Meat Camp Fire Department.  The Ashe County Rescue Squad was also at the scene, along with NCSBI and the Health Department:  Timothy also falsely presumed that my chemistry equipment was a meth lab.  However, the Health Department verified it was NOT a meth lab, and refused to dismantle and dispose of anything, going so far as to cite the legal entanglement of destroying someone’s property.  This did not stop the Ashe County Sheriff’s Department from having my entire lab dismantled and destroyed.

I had in my inventory many different legally-obtained plants, seeds, tree resins, chemicals, and equipment used for the making of medicine crucial to my research.  In total, 138 items were confiscated and destroyed.  For all of the Sheriff’s Office’s destruction, they claim to have found LESS than 1/10th of a gram of DMT with serotonin in it.

After Timothy’s fiasco on the 26th, he then charged with three Class A felonies:  This time for allegedly manufacturing and selling DMT – charges even more ridiculous than the first.  However, because Timothy had upped the ante with more felony charges, my bond was then raised from the initial $50,000.00 to $300,000.00.

On August 23, 2018, reported on the evening news that the Ashe county Sheriff’s Office has been charged with “False Arrests” and “Malicious Prosecution” amid other charges of misconduct, including forcing deputies to lie in statements.  I have personally witnessed and will testify that these allegations are only the beginning of the corruption and malfeasance within the Sheriff’s Office.

I have been imprisoned in the Ashe County Detention Center since June 21st.  My case has been repeatedly “continued” now until October 18th – despite my written request to the court to speak at a hearing.  I have not had an opportunity to speak a single word before a judge-prosecutor.  According to North Carolina General Statutes Chapter 15A Article 30, the court has failed to conduct a “Probable Cause” hearing within the maximum time allowed by law.  As of August 30, lab results have still not determined if the mushrooms were hallucinogenic or simply just vegetables.

Please share this injustice with other medicine research groups or internet groups concerned with human advancement, or truth and liberty; the criminality going on in the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office must be exposed.

Thank you for reading, and God bless.