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Motion to Subpoena

December 18, 2018

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with attorney Don Willey as standby counsel with this Motion to Subpoena phone call transcripts made by Brian Aberle to the FBI in Atlanta and to the US Secret Service in North Carolina.

Brian had been threatened by Timothy Moretz, his probation officer. Timothy voiced his displeasure with advancement in medicine that contribute to the over population of the world. Timothy told Brian that he was aware of Brian’s criminal record and that he was an unwelcome new member of the community. Timothy voiced his disbelief that Brian had honest employment which did not require commuting. Timothy openly stated that he would violate Brian’s probation at his earliest convenience.

ACSO Sheriffs soon began parking their patrol cars on Brian’s property, then driving away when Brian approached them. Brian sent a series of emails to the FBI to report “Malicious Prosecution”. The emails fell on deaf ears so Brian placed two phone calls of nearly an hour each to the FBI in Atlanta. Please grant this Motion to Subpoena the transcripts from those two phone calls.

Furthermore, Brian also reported the “Malicious Prosecution” to the U.S. Secret Service in North Carolina in another phone call. Brian was unsure which was the proper authority to report this aggressive behavior of ACSO by the order of Timothy Moretz. This phone call should also be ordered by subpoena.

In the interest of Truth and Justice please grant this Motion to Subpoena transcripts of phone calls placed by Brian to the FBI and the US Secret Service.

The truth has been greatly compromised in this case. The search warrant was issued on false pretense. Brian was also held in disciplinary isolation for the first 40 days of his detainment and he was without access to a phone for the first 30 days of his detainment. The over aggressive and malicious behavior is obvious and Brian took measures to report the corrupt prosecution that he perceived was a threat to him.

This document has been served by U.S. mail to:

Don Willey
329 Main St.
P. O. Box 1609
Jefferson, NC 28640

Clerk of Court
150 Government Cir.
Jefferson, NC 28640

District Attorney
150 Government Cir
Jefferson, NC 28640

Yours Truly,

Brian Aberle


Author: brianaberle

A Chemist, Lawyer, Technician, Poet, Athlete and more

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