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Motion to Release Evidence

December 18, 2018

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with attorney Don Willey as standby counsel with this Motion to Release Evidence.

Brian’s laptop was seized by order of Superior Court Judge Puckett under false pretense of “large scale drug trafficking” according to ACSO detective Jon Stout despite no honest evidence to support manufacturing or sales of controlled substances.

The laptop contains evidence proving that the focus of Brian’s activity was medicine research. Furthermore, the area of study was primarily with regard to uncontrolled substances for use as medicine to treat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Reference attachment “A” published by Brian Aberle at

Additionally Brian is an accredited researcher in software and computer algorithms. The laptop contains proof of recent work in the area of technology research and development. See attachment “B”, titled Resume of Brian Aberle. Technology has been the only recent source of income for Brian Aberle despite the unfounded claims made by detective Jon Stout that “large scale drug trafficking” is the object of his activity.

The search warrant for the laptop was issued to find “sales records of drug trafficking”. The evidence on the laptop only serves to prove the true activity of small scale research. The lab work is documented by photos that show very small yields of plant alkaloids.

ACSO has misused their access to the laptop by modifying Brian’s Facebook account settings to no longer broadcast posts from Brian’s timeline into the newsfeeds of his 5000 Facebook friends. This change effectively cut Brian off from many of his friends and work colleagues.

Since the laptop was not used in any crime and because it is an essential tool for both the Technology and the Medicine research and development, please grant this Motion to Release Evidence. Furthermore, the laptop contains additional evidence besides the attached documents that reveal the activities of honest work.

In the interest of Truth and Justice, the defense needs access to the laptop to prepare for trial.

This document has been served by US Mail to:

Don Willey
329 Main St.
P. O. Box 1609
Jefferson, NC 28640

Clerk of Court
150 Government Cir.
Jefferson, NC 28640

District Attorney
150 Government Cir
Jefferson, NC 28640

Yours Truly,

Brian Aberle


Author: brianaberle

A Chemist, Lawyer, Technician, Poet, Athlete and more

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