Who is Jon Stout?

I’ll December 5, 2018

Clerk of the Superior Court
150 Government Circle
Jefferson, NC  28640

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with this Motion to Subpoena the personnel files of Detective Jon Stout.

Detective Jon Stout falsified his incident report of my case.  This report was added to the (fourth) discovery packet after the initial discovery was released to Garland Baker:  The report date is missing and the lies are exposed by the facts of science surrounding mushrooms and DMT.

Detective Stout obtained a search warrant based on his observations of “large scale drug trafficking” – a claim that is not supported by ANY evidence in the home or on the laptop.

Detective Stout was fired from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee for falsifying police reports and for planting evidence at the alleged crime scene.

Prior to his employment by Johnson County in Tennessee, John Stout worked for the Logan County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio where he was fired for tampering with evidence.

Detective Jon Stout habitually perverts the truth.  He is trying to make a name for himself at the expense of others. He crosses state lines to obtain a fresh career start however the core of his corrupt nature remains the same.

Despite being fired twice by law enforcement, Jon has evaded a prison sentence that would be the fate of any person who was not employed by law enforcement and was guilty of the same crimes Jon committed.

Please grant this Motion to Subpoena his personnel files.  Jon was recently hired by Ashe County so his personnel files from Johnson County, Tennessee are also relevant.

Brian Aberle



Author: Brian


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