Mountain City Reject

Jon Stout was fired from Mountain City in Johnson County, Tennessee for tampering with evidence and falsifying police reports.  He planted methamphetamine during drug busts.  Some people involved with those drug busts were:  Rick Shaw (meth dealer currently serving time), Danny Kyte, and Melissa Brown (wore a surveillance wire).

In one drug bust, the sheriff’s department made-up a case against someone – who happened to be indirectly related to one of the younger officers making the bust – the young cop snitched out Stout, and Stout was charged with Obstruction of Justice, Falsifying Reports, Tampering with Evidence and Malicious prosecution.

The big time meth dealers threatened Jon Stout’s life and voiced that threat with the sheriff, Mike Reece, who at the same time was corrupt and also implicated in several murders of women who used meth:  In one case, a woman with the last name Hawks supposedly shot herself in a cemetery with Mike Reece’s service gun.  She was his dope whore – she gave AIDS to Sheriff Mike Reece – all if this is just now being brought to light and the sheriff will likely be brought to trial.


Author: Brian

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