Public Record of Jon Stout

“Until November 2005, Jon Stout was a Logan County Detective employed by the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

In November 2005, he was accused of having sex with a teen-aged witness in a case.

On November 29, 2005, Sheriff Mike Henry fired Mr. Stout.  All the sordid allegations regarding Stout and the teen-aged girl were published in Central Ohio newspapers.

On January 25, 2006, Jon Stout was indicted in case no. CR-06-01-0018, in the Logan County Common Pleas Court for 2 felony counts of sexual battery (each an F3), and 4 misdemeanors, Public Indecency, Endangering Children, Interference with Custody, Contributing to the Unruliness or Delinquency of a Minor.

That case was dismissed on January 11, 2007.

Mr. Stout was re-indicted with slightly different wording:  Ultimately his defense counsel got the most serious charges dismissed and Stout entered into a plea agreement to a misdemeanor charge of child endangering regarding speeding with the girl in the car. “The defense of these two cases hinged on whether Mr. Stout’s position as a detective/police officer fit the definition of “in loco parentis” in State v. Noggle (1993), 67 Ohio St.3d 31 at 33.”

Case No. 09-2363

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Who is Jon Stout?

I’ll December 5, 2018

Clerk of the Superior Court
150 Government Circle
Jefferson, NC  28640

Now comes Brian Aberle represented Pro Se with this Motion to Subpoena the personnel files of Detective Jon Stout.

Detective Jon Stout falsified his incident report of my case.  This report was added to the (fourth) discovery packet after the initial discovery was released to Garland Baker:  The report date is missing and the lies are exposed by the facts of science surrounding mushrooms and DMT.

Detective Stout obtained a search warrant based on his observations of “large scale drug trafficking” – a claim that is not supported by ANY evidence in the home or on the laptop.

Detective Stout was fired from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department in Tennessee for falsifying police reports and for planting evidence at the alleged crime scene.

Prior to his employment by Johnson County in Tennessee, John Stout worked for the Logan County Sheriff’s Department in Ohio where he was fired for tampering with evidence.

Detective Jon Stout habitually perverts the truth.  He is trying to make a name for himself at the expense of others. He crosses state lines to obtain a fresh career start however the core of his corrupt nature remains the same.

Despite being fired twice by law enforcement, Jon has evaded a prison sentence that would be the fate of any person who was not employed by law enforcement and was guilty of the same crimes Jon committed.

Please grant this Motion to Subpoena his personnel files.  Jon was recently hired by Ashe County so his personnel files from Johnson County, Tennessee are also relevant.

Brian Aberle


Mountain City Reject

Jon Stout was fired from Mountain City in Johnson County, Tennessee for tampering with evidence and falsifying police reports.  He planted methamphetamine during drug busts.  Some people involved with those drug busts were:  Rick Shaw (meth dealer currently serving time), Danny Kyte, and Melissa Brown (wore a surveillance wire).

In one drug bust, the sheriff’s department made-up a case against someone – who happened to be indirectly related to one of the younger officers making the bust – the young cop snitched out Stout, and Stout was charged with Obstruction of Justice, Falsifying Reports, Tampering with Evidence and Malicious prosecution.

The big time meth dealers threatened Jon Stout’s life and voiced that threat with the sheriff, Mike Reece, who at the same time was corrupt and also implicated in several murders of women who used meth:  In one case, a woman with the last name Hawks supposedly shot herself in a cemetery with Mike Reece’s service gun.  She was his dope whore – she gave AIDS to Sheriff Mike Reece – all if this is just now being brought to light and the sheriff will likely be brought to trial.

Fresh Changes

Calloway refused to make photocopies [of my letters] because they, he determined, are not law work.  However, my letters ARE legal work, and deputies are allowed to photocopy it for me.  Just now when I asked Calloway for two more copies, he came back and said, ‘not allowed – unless its being sent to a lawyer.’  So I showed him the list of lawyers I was sending it to – he even recognized names on the list (he also knows I don’t have a lawyer and I need one).   Basically, they don’t want me to use their copy machine as a letter-sending machine gun against Jon Stout – but they must:  I told him, “It’s like ACSO and I have each other by the throat.”  He said, “Yeah.”  I said, “Let me go and I’ll let you go and nobody gets hurt.”  Funny, no?

I obtained my copies today, and I am mailing them to the list of layers that you gave me to ask for legal advice – and representation.

Big changes around here:  Half the toilets have never worked in D dorm…yesterday we had a plumber here.

Mail delivery is being fixed:  In the past only Sharon Price and one other person had access to the mailbox – so it had to pass by her, and it delayed delivery.  Now, all deputies can get to the mailbox.

E-cigarettes are likely to be available soon

The jail has never provided “gain time” which allow prisoners flexibility within their sentence – other counties have such a program in place.  However, Ashe County purchased this over-sized jail and has been working to keep it full.  So, despite the recommendation of “sentencing credits” by NC state officials, it was never embraced in Ashe county because “a half full jail is just as expensive to run as a full jail.”