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Postpone, then Bum Rush

The Grand Jury is meeting today!  WFT?  Given the deceitful information they will see, I expect an indictment. 

Five months now and I have not even had my probable cause hearing – if convicted I can appeal based on my denied probable cause hearing.  The courts also have a responsibility to appoint a lawyer for my first two cases (three felonies) – for which I have asked repeatedly:  My letter requesting a probable cause hearing, a speedy trial, and standby counsel were not considered – because they say I had representation at that time, and then only “representation” can file motions. 



New Sheriff in Town

Yesterday, the good people of Ashe County took to the polls, and it’s official:  The grotesquely degenerate and predictably leftist Good Ol’ Boy Club will lose the protection of their crooked Sheriff’s Office on December 3rd, when “outsider” Sheriff-Elect Phil Howell is sworn in – and begins to clean house.

In his first race, Phil narrowly beat the G.O.B. Club’s pick by a narrow 208 votes – with almost 13,000 votes cast.

The elephant in the room, and question on everyone’s mind:  Will the resignations come faster than the lawsuits?  I heard Chief Jailer Captain Sharon Price didn’t show up for work today…

Brian has a Grand Jury Hearing next Thursday.

Good Guys vs. Good Old Boys

YES!  Help the new sheriff……….

They have many heroin deaths in Ashe County.  I have (had?) Iboga from Africa – Meth is also a problem here…that Ayahuasca may help.

There is an Aya Church in North Carolina – I have their address and will contact them to begin building a relationship.
I’m sick…sickness here is never-ending.

A House Divided

Julie Foster agreed with me that due to the epidemic sickness, medical fees should be waived.  The deputies do not deny the epidemic – one new deputy has contracted a skin rash that is extremely common here – we suspect that there are mites AND lice here. Another deputy has a bad cough and viral infection in his lungs – they are not defending ACSO – they agree it’s inhumane and disease-ridden.

I don’t know if the new sheriff might come with a new DA…but a new sheriff may recognize the charges that Sharon Price had filed on me as malicious and in retaliation for the health inspection – deputies agree it was for bringing in the health inspector.

Broken Kiosk

Th4 calibration of the kiosk is worse than ever, each key is an inch off from the screen position – its VERY difficult to type on,

The jail nurse, Julie Foster quit, she knows how rampant the disease is here, ******** now there is no nurse on staff and people are not getting medicine that they need, many medical requests are ignored now. The lice/mites in D dorm are getting very bad now, Bro – help , grievances get lost like the medical requests

i hope you are being used by the Universe, by God, to serve the poor and the oppressed that are praying for justice and to raise the collective conscious about natural plant medicine