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Affidavit of Factual Testimony

November 30, 2018

Now comes Brian Aberle with this affidavit of factual testimony filed with the Clerk of Court and served to the District Attorney.

I am a neuromedicine researcher and a highly accomplished computer science expert. I expect that we can be of assistance to each other with our common desire for justice and social advancement. Please bear through a summation of my background and accomplishments that lead up to my incarceration for 1/10th of a gram of DMT – which has derailed all of the breakthrough work that I was engaged in. I am a poster-child for how the war on drugs is hindering the advancement of science and medicine.

I have professional experience working for Siemens Medical Systems and management for Kaiser Permanente where I was a Systems Architect that presented proposed plans to the Board of Directors. My experience in medical systems started in 1997 – working closely with physicists as I was responsible for the implementation of a linear accelerator control system used in 1/3 of all hospitals world wide.

My senior level management at Kaiser had me working closely with team leads from nearly every department. I worked closely with chemists that analyze laboratory results and test research medicines. Performing this work kindled my practice and research with holistic, shamanic, and Ayurvedic medicines which lead to cutting edge neuromedicine discoveries that I began to publish in early 2018.

Prior to the year 2000 my focus was technology. I worked as a senior level expert consultant based near Silicon Valley California where I was recognized in industry trade journals such as InfoWorlds as an expert in algorithms and accomplished in technology businesses development by providing leadership in several startup businesses ventures.

My skills in technology are largely irrelevant to the purpose of this affidavit and therefore have been summarized to save your time. The details of my notable accomplishments in technology can be found by searching the Internet for: “Resume of Brian Aberle” -you will see there that I authored the fastest XML processor in the world and that I keep that project current and relevant on all platforms making me a subject matter expert in that domain.

My interest in shamanic plant medicine began in my youth with the Morning Glory, a plant known to be associated with “divination” by Mayan and native Indian cultures. The plant is known to be a source of LSA which in modern chemistry is known to be a precursor to LSD. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computer, claimed that LSD provided a profound influence on his life and gave him clarity of mind. Crick, who discovered human DNA was using LSD while he made that discovery. I claim that the all natural plant produced LSA gave me natural insight with science and technology.

Since the year 2000 my focus has been medicine, specifically neuromedicine. Even more specifically I am researching medicines for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s which are treated with Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors (AChI’s). I extract and isolate AChI medicines from plants.

The area in which my research is bordering on breakthrough is surrounding “neurogenesis” which is a relatively newly accepted fact in modern medicine – that is the birth of new neurons in the human body. Previously to just 25 years ago it was believed that neurons can only die and degenerate – and at one time earth was believed to be flat. The complex conditions which promote neurogenesis are still unknown, however some contributing factors are understood. Very recent research suggests that serotonergic transmitters bound to 5HT neural receptor sites plays a major role in promoting the conditions required for neurogenesis.

This puts Peganum Harmala (aka Syrian Rue) into a position as perhaps the most viable plant medicine in the treatment of neuromuscular diseases because it contains both a powerful AChI as well as an extremely effective MAOI (MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor) which inhibits MAO enzymes from metabolizing 5HT neurotransmitters therefore raising elevations of both serotonin and DMT which are endogenous, or naturally occurring 5HT neurotransmitters produced by the human body according to a synthesis rate encoded at a known location in human DNA.

Perhaps the most well known plant source of an MAOI is the Ayahuasca vine although Syrian Rue is more powerful and concentrated by weight. Traditional shamanic medicines combined Ayahuasca with other plant sources of neurotransmitters such as Chacruna which contains DMT or Yopo which contains BOTH serotonin and DMT, thereby raising the levels of these endogenous neurotransmitters by both inhibiting their metabolism and by the addition of plant produced neurotransmitters.

This is truly breakthrough research with regard to a “cure” and not merely a “treatment” of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. I published a referenced outline of this research work at  PLEASE read that publication titled “Neurodegenerative Disease Cure 2018” at published under my name – Brian Aberle.

Neurogenesis is literally growth and expansion, as well as healing, in the human brain which is linked to over-all intelligence. Upon the death of Albert Einstein, his brain was found to be larger than average – perhaps due to prolonged neurogenesis.  Michelangelo called Syrian Rue a “miracle smart nutrient”. More research needs to be done, however ignorance in the design of The War on Drugs is in opposition to human advancement.

I own the Internet domain where I publish more of my research results. The anti-depressant effects of the MAOI are discussed at and the dietary requirements of an MAOI are discussed in detail at The dietary requirements are caused due to the MAO enzyme being temporarily disabled from metabolizing both the tyramine toxin and the serotonergic neurotransmitters. The dietary guidelines apply to all MAOI’s – even pharmaceutical MAOI’s, Ayahuasca, and others. The very helpful information presented may be the most comprehensive collection of MAOI dietary guidelines available on the Internet. The information is authoritative, verified and helpful – a product of research.

Additionally I have contributed to the knowledge base surrounding this amazing medicine in the circles of pharmaceutical chemists and researchers at where I answered questions in public forums regarding chemistry techniques used to isolate individual alkaloids contained in the seed of Syrian Rue. I practice environmentally safe chemistry and have also answered questions regarding the neutralization of caustic mixtures created during typical Acid/Base extraction techniques.

For the past few years I conducted most of my research from the Caribbean islands where in addition to Syrian Rue, I studied plant sources of serotonin and DMT – the naturally occurring neurotransmitters that can be increased via MAOI or plant medicines such as the Yopo seed. In search of serotonin beyond Yopo which I sourced directly in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, I recently relocated to North Carolina. The higher elevations of North Carolina contain a unique variety of plant life common to only that area. I had only lived in Ashe county for 3 months, studying wild grass native to that area before I was aggressively prosecuted by the sheriffs department for my work.

My home lab was initially suspected to be a methamphetamine lab which is a common problem in the area. The Department of Health was called to my property to dismantle the laboratory however they recognized that it was not a met lab and therefore they had no legal jurisdiction to dismantle it. Next the sheriffs department decided that the purpose of the lab was to manufacturer explosives.  Three fire departments and a bomb squad were called to my property. The experts determined that there were no explosives and that explosives were not being manufactured. Next the sheriffs decided that controlled substances were being created. AChi’s and MAOI’s are NOT controlled substances.

Despite knowledge of the truth, Ashe county released a newspaper story mentioning ‘explosives’ and detective Jon Stout wrote in the police reports that the device was rendered safe. The device was safe to begin with, it wax not ‘rendered’ safe it was ‘determined to be safe’. The newspaper article also mentioned ‘drug trafficking’ despite all the evidence suggesting otherwise. My laptop was confiscated to obtain records of controlled substance sales – none were found on the laptop. The search warrant for the laptop was issued for ‘large scale drug trafficking’ despite no evidence of any. I do not sell any of my medicine research work.

My laptop contains all of my research notes and all of my contacts, phone numbers, and email addresses. The sheriffs department has been holding my laptop for 5 months now while I have been held in jail on a $300,000 bond. I need my laptop to contact my friends and work colleagues who may be able to help with the outrageous bond or by providing professional opinions about the research work I am known to be engaged in. My laptop contains evidence toward my defense – however I may not access it.

In Ashe county, the sheriffs and prosecutors are only familiar with heroin and methamphetamine prosecution technique. When 1 gram of meth is mixed with 1 gram of inactive ‘cut’ the resulting product is prosecuted as 2 grams of meth. Following, when 1 gram of meth is dissolved into 1 ounce of water, the resulting product is prosecuted as 28 grams of meth. The water is ‘cut’. This allows courts to ‘clean up’ the streets and prosecute simple possession as trafficking which demands lengthy prison sentences.

I was researching serotonin in local wild grass which contains very small amounts of both serotonin and DMT. In my kitchen were two piles of grass potentially containing a fraction of a gram of DMT and even less serotonin. Sheriffs found 320 grams of solvent that contained trace amounts of DMT. Every living thing contains trace amounts of DMT. Every dinner tray served at the county jail contains trace amounts of DMT. The naphtha solvent is not ‘cut’ because it cannot be consumed. The jail dinner tray is ‘cut’ by their own reasoning. Prosecutors are criminals for using this prosecution technique.

The small glassware in my kitchen is not capable of producing 320 grams of DMT because it would require 1000’s of pounds of wild grass. The false charges and malicious prosecution are exposed by scientific fact. The sheriffs error is based on the fact that DMT is ‘extracted’ and not ‘manufactured’ and therefore my kitchen setup was not capable of producing such large amounts.

Brian Aberle


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