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The Ashe County Skin Rash

We have had a temporary nurse since Julie quit.

Today, Frank R. Eason Jr. had a doctor visit:  Frank has only been here for a few days because he was transferred from another jail.  The doctor inspected him for lice and said, “You don’t have lice nits.”  The doctor then suggested he had “the Ashe County Skin Rash” – and admitted that most people who come here get the rash – he suspected that the problem is in the air ducts.

Class Action Lawsuit!

I purchase a full bottle of V05 conditioner every two weeks and keep my hair greased up; it helps with the lice and the mites – it’s the only thing I have found that helps.  I tried other products available on the commissary.  I had to shave off my beard – I keep my hair looking like a 1950’s ‘Greaser’ – several others just shave their head, which is not easy with the very poor quality razors we get.  We never have access to electric hair clippers. Black people use ‘magic shave’ to burn the hair off with chemicals, but that stuff hurts white folks.

A cop just looked over my shoulder…Greg Calloway is his name; he saw that I had typed ‘Class Action Lawsuit’ and said “Uh oh – class action lawsuit!”  So I allowed him to read this email – then I told him my experience with the doctor trying to give me hydrocortizone then seroquel (sleeping pills) for my rash.


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