Striking for Justice

On September 30, I began my hunger strike in hopes that my prayer for justice will be heard. I consume no food or juice while I am fasting. I am starving to bring attention to injustice. I am a spiritual person and I have practiced fasting throughout my life on several occasions for 10 to 20 days. My desire for justice is greater than my desire for food. Inspired by the prophets, I will go to great lengths to see truth and justice prevail. I am a prisoner for possessing 1/10th a gram of DMT and 3 grams of mushrooms that may or may not be psychedelic.

The past few years I lived mostly on the Caribbean and did much work with Ayahuasca and natural plant medicines. I studied ancient natural remedies that predated the pharmaceutical age of medicine. I studied and practiced Ayurvedic and Shamanistic plant medicine.

Using modern medicine techniques, I research neuro-medicine, analogs of serotonin, and medicines that prevent the metabolism of those serotenergic neurotransmitters. My professional publications are at, see “Neurodegenerative Disease Cure 2018” by Brian Aberle. It is Ph.D. level research work.

I am also an expert of the highest degree in software and algorithm design. I have 25 years experience. Technology industry experts call me “a guru”. I was a key player in several Silicon Valley startups where my work was featured in newspapers and industry trade journal magazines. I served as Architect and Team Lead of the “Core” engineering team on what was at that time the largest software project in the world, National Clinical Information System(NCIS). I made presentations to IBM Global Services and the Kaiser Permanente Board of Directors. I also implemented the software control system used by Siemens Medical in 1/3 of all hospitals world wide for oncology treatment with Linear Accelerators. I am also the author of the fastest XML parser in the world known as XMLFoundation.

I am very experienced in both medicine and technology.

My criminal case in Ashe County North Carolina is for possession of a very small amount of DMT and mushrooms and a kitchen full of chemistry and laboratory equipment. The “drug lab bust” was “a fiasco” in the words of Michael Sheron of the NC State Bureau of Investigations in an email to Collin Shuford f the NC Department of Justice State Crime Lab dated June 26, 2018 because 3 fire departments were on scene to determine that my oil lamp was not an explosive device and the NC Department of Health was on scene to determine that it was not a methamphetamine lab, therefore the Department of Health had no jurisdiction to dismantle it. Michael Sheron then contacted the DEA to clean up the lab and materials who had AEO, a licensed contractor for the DEA, remove the lab and materials from the scene.

You can verify these facts directly with <> from the Department of Health, <> From the NC SBI, and <> from the State Crime Lab.

Additionally, the Ashe County Ambulance (336.846.9111) was dispatched to the scene and many officers from the Ashe County Sheriffs Office were on scene following the lead of investigators <> and <>. Ashe County Sheriffs Office reported the event to <> for the headline story about how the Sheriffs took down the lab manufacturing explosives and drugs, then they pubkished their work on Facebook.

The instigator of the event was Timothy Moretz (DPS no longer lists their employees’ work contact info) from the Ashe County Probation Office. He obtained the search warrant because I told him that DMT is in all living things, both plants and animals. I explained that I know how to extract it from human urine or grass from my front yard. Superior Court Judge Puckett issued a search warrant based on nothing more than that hearsay and the fact that I own lab equipment.

In that conversation, Timothy Moretz went on to explain to me that the world is over-crowded due to advances in medicine and health care which I explained has been the focus of my professional work for the past 25 years. When I told Timothy that THC, the active component of marijuana is medically an Actyl-Cholinesterase Inhibitor(an AChI) which is what the medical industry prescribes for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases in the form of pharmaceuticals, then Timothy began preaching and ranting about his hatred of marijuana and disregards all science that contradicts his personal beliefs.

The injustice was then compounded by the Malicious Prosecution of the Ashe County Sheriffs Office by setting my bond at $300,000, holding me in isolation and severely limiting my communication for the first 42 days of imprisonment. When Timothy took me to jail, he refused to allow me to get my wallet from inside my house and refused to allow me to lock my house. With no money from inside jail, i could only make phone calls to phone numbers who had a prepaid PayTel account. Jail administration assigned me to the female dorm in their computer which prevented me from using the jail email system during my trip from the isolation cell to the showers in the male dorm which happened ever 3 to 7 days.

On August 31, the Department of Health came to the jail t conduct a surprise inspection because I had a complaint (#88808) filed for poor sanitation and health risks in the jail. In ‘F’ dorm where I was being held there was mold in the showers, small flying gnats, bed bugs, and a lice outbreak. Most prisoners suffered from a skin condition that the very helpful nurse calls ‘the jail house breakout’. 5 of the 20 men in that dorm including myself had severe ear infections that were treated with antibiotics. Two men slipped on the constant puddle that was under the sink and the roof leaked when it rained.

The facts of the health conditions and jail conditions can be confirmed in the prisoner medical records kept by Judy Foster the jailhouse nurse. She can be contacted by email <> The jail conditions and skin conditions can be verified by most or all of the prisoners that were in “F” dorm while I was there. I have their contact information. Many deputies will verify the facts regarding the dorm conditions and lice outbreaks. Check with [MHartsog, MHolman, DDavis, BBlanco] all at <>. Deputies Calloway, Cline, or Brian or the newly hired deputies may possibly testify to the truth. Captain Sharon Price <> will likely defend the jail but knows the truth.

On September 4th which was just a few days following the surprise health inspection, in retaliation, ACSO filed 3 more felony charges on me – two charges in one new case and one charge in another new case. The new felonies are: 1 for possession of DMT, 1 for manufacturing DMT, and 1 for possession with intent to sell DMT. These 3 new felonies were in addition to the first 3 felonies which were: 1 for maintaining a dwelling used for manufacturing DMT, 1 for possessing “precursor” chemicals to DMT, and 1 felony for the 3 grams of mushrooms which was the initial reason for arrest and that we still don’t know if they were psychedelic. This is extremely Malicious Prosecution for 1/10th a gram of DMT and 320 grams of solvent that had another fraction of a gram of DMT in it.

The wild grass being used for my personal research and human urine have extremely small amounts of DMT. ACSO considers solvent with a trace amount of DMT to be pure DMT. It would take 1000’s of pounds of grass or a life times worth of urine to extract 320 grams of DMT. The fact of the science is proof that the charge of 320 grams is maliciously fabricated. Ashe County is mostly familiar with methamphetamine cases where inactive ‘cut’ is charged as if it was pure methamphetamine. Water can be used as ‘cut’ because water can be consumed. Naphtha, the solvent that contained a fraction of a gram of DMT, cannot be consumed and is not ‘cut’.

Ashe County Sheriffs have condemned and convicted themselves by their own measure of justice because they in fact serve DMT on every food tray. Peas, Beans, and Carrots all contain DMT all other molecules besides the DMT are ‘cut’ because they can be consumed. Therefore, by their own logic they are guilty of serving many pounds of DMT every day. Furthermore because DMT exists in the human body naturally, every deputy is guilty of possessing DMT. Additionally, their bodies technically ‘manufacture’ DMT. In my kitchen i was merely ‘extracting’ DMT in trace amounts while seeking serotonin which some plants also contain. Since DMT is a close analog of serotonin, they are extracted together and must be isolated.

The facts of the science of DMT and serotonin are accurate and can be verified by anyone educated in neuroscience. Some plants contain serotonin. Modern neurochemistry calls serotonin ‘The Happy Molecule’. The goal of pharmaceutical antidepressants such as SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and MAOI’s is to elevate your serotonin levels which causes you to feel happy. All plants contain DMT, however it is found in trace amounts – like serotonin. DMT is known as ‘The Spirit Molecule’ because it causes mystical spiritual encounters. DMT closely resembles serotonin, both are endogenous or created naturally in the human body and both are 5HT neurotransmitters.

After the second 3 felonies were filed Maliciously in retaliation for prompting the health inspection, for those new cases I chose to represent myself. I was still represented by Garland Baker <>(828.386.1965) for the first 3 felonies on the other cases that were not on the court calendar on that day – September 6th. This created an opportunity for me to speak in court for the first time since my arrest. The judge heard my motion to preserve the evidence on my laptop that is being held by persecution but contains evidence needed by the defense. The data it contains must not be destroyed or changed in any way. The judge also heard my motion for a speedy trial and my motion for the discovery of evidence. I motioned to dismiss the absurd new charges because the prosecutor has DMT in him.

So does that make him 170 pounds of DMT? I asked that the absurd charge be dismissed. The judge told me that I must serve these motions on the District Attorney so I hand delivered them to the District Attorney myself right there in the court room in the presence of the judge.

On September 20, all 4 of my charges were before the court. Garland Baker asked the judge if he could withdraw from my case because I elected to represent myself on the 3 new felonies. He said, “Because all 6 felonies are the same thing and he cannot represent half of my case.” The judge granted his motion to withdraw. This does not void my request for court appointed counsel, the court is still obligated to appoint counsel for those charges, and as of October 7, the court still has given me no legal representation.

Next the judge heard my motions for the 3 felonies where I elected to represent myself. The judge granted my motion to preserve evidence and leave my laptop in the condition it was in when it was taken. The judge denied my motion for a speedy trial, and denied my motion for the discovery of evidence because, he said, these motions only apply in superior court and not in district court.

I hunger for justice.

I am a follower of the greatest prophet, Jesus who is the Christ of the Bible, and who is the Messiah of the Quran. Therefore, I practice fasting. [Matt 6:16-17] speaks of fasting like its expected, saying “when you fast…”. [Matt 9:15] says that when the disciples are not in the presence of Jesus – then they will fast. [Matt 17:21] says that the stronger demons can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. [Acts 13:2-3] says that Christians in the early church fasted. [1 Cor 7:5] Saint Paul wrote “give yourself to fasting and prayer”.

I also follow the wisdom of Moses, King David, and the prophet Daniel who practiced fasting according to the Holy Bible. Additionally, I follow the knowledge of the prophet Muhammad whom God instructed to eat and burn Syrian Rue as incense in the teachings of the Quran. Eating or inhaling Syrian Rue smoke forces a person to adhere to the dietary laws of Moses – no pork or shell fish for example, and very little wine or yeast leavening.

I use sacred incense such as Frankincense and oils as prescribed by Moses in [Lev 2:15-16]. Acacia is used to make the most sacred part of the tabernacle, and the Ark of the Covenant, and the table which holds the 7 lamps, and the Alter of Incense. Moses and Chinese Confucius regard Acacia very highly [Exodus 25 – 27].

I use the ancient knowledge of shaman medicine men to create a drink called Ayahuasca which is prepared various ways in various cultures with 1 part Caapi vine OR Passion Flower vine OR Ayahuasca vine OR “golden milk” or Syrian Rue AND 1 part Chacruna leaves OR Acacia bark OR Yopo seed OR Phalaris grass. Wise men from the East, the Magi, who were guided by the stars and regarded Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh also prepare the drink called “Golden Milk” made from Turmeric and Black Pepper. I also use the knowledge of the Taino who were natives to the Caribbean islands. They planted Yopo trees at their “Stonehenge like” ceremonial site in Puerto Rico. The tree is native to Israel and may have been used there as well.

I am persecuted for my religious beliefs and practices which are protected by the US Constitution. On October 3, I was moved to a disciplinary isolation cell for fasting. I filed a written grievance to Captain Sharon Price immediately. One officer decided that I am attempting suicide by starvation. On October 5, I met with that officer and Lt. Stan Greer to correct the misunderstanding. A 2nd written grievance was filed that day because Lt. Greer said I would be released from disciplinary isolation “when you eat.”

I ought not to be disciplined, even “for my protection” due to any of my religious beliefs of practices. Many of the deputy jailer agree and are petitioning Captain Price on my behalf. I told Lt. Greer on October 5th that I may not eat for weeks. As of October 7th, I remain in disciplinary isolation for not eating.

It might also be considered religious persecution that during “the fiasco”, 138 items which were legal to posses and obtained legally were confiscated and destroyed. My entire collection of incenses and spices were destroyed. They were next to the oil lamp which was suspected to be an explosive device. The glass oil lamp was fitted with a copper bowl to burn incense such as Frankincense, Myrrh, and Palo Santo (which means Saint Paul) also all of those saints are appealed at their malicious decisions for purpose of profit, ‘cuz a purse fit their god when they lost the truth for their profits to prosecute the prophets, exacting they tax us for Saint Peter’s cactus or judge with such doom God’s lush mushroom. The cruel and the blind, hate the true and the wise. They just rule with lies and trust fools as just guides and this is why…I hunger for justice. Psalm 109.

Yours Truly,
Brian Aberle



This document is exact with regard to fact so I encourage you to investigate and cross examine everyone that has some involvement with this fiasco.

NC Department of Health: <> <> <>

NC State Bureau of Investigation:
<> <> <> <><> <> <> <>

NC State Crime Lab:
<> <>

Ashe County Sheriffs Office:
<> <> <><> <> <><> <> <><> <>

NC media:
<> <>

Legal counsel:


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