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Prison Life

There is another wave of sickness in the dorm – stuffy head, earaches, dry throat.

Also last night – one person from my 20-man dorm was taken to the hospital; he needed reconstructive surgery for a broken eye socket.  There have been multiple fights in here during my stay.  Normally, stitches solve the problem, but last night was a face-crusher.  The stress of living here causes people to snap over small things.

I just want to return to my quiet life – I love this area, and would like to return to my home to focus on my research, especially of the plants local to this area.  I was negotiating an option to purchase my rental – but this incarceration has been a huge financial setback and may have gotten me evicted.  I’ve only been gone three and a half months – perhaps I have not lost everything yet.

I’m struggling with depression.  Sometimes, I barely get out of bed but for a few hours in a day:  There is nothing to get up for – only a few fiction books that do not interest me, and card games that make me feel like I’m in a retirement home.  

My requests for legal material are all but denied:  I made more than ten verbal requests and five written requests for legal material.  In return, I was given five printed pages of other, irrelevant information. 

My vindication is that for as long as I am trapped in here, I will keep focused on exposing the administration – by publishing truth they seek to keep hidden.  



Author: brianaberle

A Chemist, Lawyer, Technician, Poet, Athlete and more

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