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Hard Drugs

I am seriously depressed.

About a week ago, for the first time in my 46 year life, I began taking a pharmaceutical antidepressant, an SSRI.  I have done much reading about them.  I thought it would be a safe way to raise my serotonin levels.  However, it had side effects – I began to have ‘startle reflexes’ just as I would fall asleep – a kick of my leg, or a spasm in my arms, something I have never experienced before in my whole life.

I stopped taking it today.

I am still trying to be switched to a stronger and more effective antidepressant.  My body is accustomed to natural MAOI’s:  Golden Milk which is turmeric & black pepper, Passion Flower, and Banisteriopsis caapi, but Syrian Rue is nature’s strongest natural MAOI, which I requested.  However, I’m told only a pharmaceutical will be available.

MAOI’s stop the metabolism of my natural, endogenous serotonin and my endogenous DMT as you probably know.  The nurse is awaiting doctor’s permission to put me on an MAOI because it has dietary conflicts with preservatives:  I would no longer be able to eat food with yeast extracts like MSG – it’s the same diet required by Syrian Rue.  I offered to switch to a vegetarian diet tray because the bologna, chicken patties/nuggets, and other meats have preservatives in them.

I just got an email – I must send this before I can read it or see who sent it.

FYI:  The kind nurse’s name is Julie Foster.


Author: brianaberle

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