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How the Detention Center Grievance Process “Works”

Today, I hand-wrote the following grievance on an ACSO grievance form supplied by the deputy and handed it to a deputy who had a sergeant witness that it was placed where Captain Sharon Price would get it:


Name:  Brian Aberle

Date:  September 14, 2018


All outstanding grievances on the digital kiosk that had never been responded to and remained unacknowledged for months were deleted yesterday without ever having been responded to.

Likewise my previous written grievances had never been responded to.  Nearly every prisoner had open grievances that were delete without ever being answered or receipt of them ever having been acknowledged.

A proper grievance process should be signed “received” by an officer and responded to within a reasonable time.  During my stay here there has been no grievance process and no access to current state and federal legal reference books.


The ACSO grievance form has a signature line, which I signed.  It also has a section titled “Response” and nothing else on it.  I also have a grievance form from another county.  It has several more items on the form including:

  1. Time along with the date filed by inmate,
  2. Cell location,
  3. Date Received,
  4. Officer signature,
  5. Resolution,
  6. If rejected – a rejection code, rejection justification, and date,
  7. Grievance Officer signature



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