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Motion to Dismiss Retaliatory Charges

Brian has his second hearing today for his second round of felony charges.  Brian is moving to have them dismissed:

Sept 12, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle, represented Pro Se, with this Motion to Dismiss.  These three felony charges were filed with Malice, Ignorance, and possibly Retaliation.

Malice – because they are nearly duplicate charges. They are nearly the same charge filed differently.  This is nearly double jeopardy.  This charge is also filed to be intentionally misleading because when a fraction of a gram is dissolved in 320 grams of liquid, the weight of the liquid is irrelevant.

Ignorance – because DMT is only one of the neurotransmitters present in the solution, along with the object of my research – serotonin.  Both are found naturally in the human body and in plants.  The District Attorney currently has DMT in his body.  Should he be charged for manufacturing 170 pounds of DMT, or would that be an incorrect charge?

Retaliation – because these charges were filed immediately after I called the Department of Health to inspect the jail due to over 50% of ‘F’ dorm having bacterial and skin conditions contracted while in custody.


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