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Fasting for Justice

They did not wash laundry last week again.  I need another round of antibiotics; I have a terrible sore throat right now.

I am sick to death of this filthy place.  I am in a new dorm.  This dorm previously housed the females – they also had a lice outbreak.  I feel them all over me at the moment – I don’t even know if this is lice – I see nothing, but I feel them.

When Thomas Jefferson said “Give me liberty or give me death,” he was NOT suicidal, and neither am I.  Quite to the contrary:  Give Me Life!  Let Me Live!  My pursuit of happiness is literal:

Fasting is a religious right and a spiritual discipline.  It never leads to death – rather, it leads to better health.  I will not put my life in jeopardy – at 20 days, I was never close to putting my life in jeopardy.

Brother, the idea of a hunger strike is lifting my spirits – it is literally my last recourse to this injustice.  I despise the thought of just rotting away in this filthy, disease-infested jail while I hold hope and prayers for my next court date – currently over a month away.

Administration may claim that I am suicidal in order to punish me with medical isolation.  They may even forbid me clothes with which they claim I might hang or choke myself.  Please do not allow them to do this!

Give me life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – don’t give me death.  This place is killing me.  I am anxious to experience the spiritual clarity I remember setting in after 15 days or so – maybe I will go further than before.  This is about more than myself.


Prescription for Depression

My freeworld diet was high in MAOI’s.   In this place, I have become incredibly depressed – months of captivity in filth, with no sunlight, no fresh air, no exercise, and a constant threat of violence are all slowly murdering my soul.  

The doctor prescribed Citalopram:  I used it for about two weeks before I began to experience a side effect of twitching headaches.  I asked the doctor to prescribe an MAOI due to my experience with natural MAOI’s.  

He refused, and instead prescribed Zoloft.

I asked the nurse to print out the side effects for me.  In my opinion, it is criminal to give out harmful drugs like Zoloft, which causes insomnia in 21% of people, nausea in 26% of people, headaches in 22% of people, and a host of other side effects.

I asked the nurse for natural antidepressants, which do not require a prescription and are not controlled substances – I want Syrian Rue.  I want Golden Milk (turmeric & black pepper). 

She said that is not allowed. 

My depression is serious.  I rarely get out of bed anymore.  Some animals cannot be kept in captivity because they essentially lose the will to live – they stop eating.  The food here is poison anyway – even before they poison it.  

At Caldwell, a neighboring county – prisoners are known to have been punished with a water soluble poison that is gone from the body in 72 hours – this is not to kill a person, but to sicken and torture them.

The extent of the corruption is deep.  One person overheard police discussing if they should plant meth on him because they didn’t find any.  In his case they did not, but it’s common.

Searching a property immediately after a fresh arrest is detained in isolation is common here, too – I have met two others that had the same thing done to them.

Inside here, I feel like there is not much left that I can do to help myself.

Official Capacity

The situation I am in is unbearable.  I have virtually no access to law books and I am facing 20 years while being fully self-represented.

I have been asking night shift and day shift deputies for ‘legal request forms’ – paper forms that Sharon Price says must be used for any law lookup request.  Day shift, after being reminded several times, ignored my request.  The night shift said they don’t even know what is a ‘legal information request form.’

Finally, I obtained a nearly impossible to obtain and official “legal request form”:  I asked for the 2018 federal sentencing guidelines for DMT and a list of motions relevant in District Court.

The form was returned, answered by Sharon Price:  She said she is not obligated to give me any legal reference material besides “the general statutes with which I am charged.”  She is mistaken.

Additionally, she took the liberty to offer her own legal advice – which I did not ask for:  Captain Sharon Price wrote, “What you need to do is request standby counsel to be appointed by a judge, as I understand that as of 9-20-18 Mr. Baker is no longer your court-appointed lawyer.”

Huh?  She won’t provide me the legal reference about my rights for standby counsel, despite in a previous hearing I actually requested exactly that and the judge told me “he thinks but is not certain that North Carolina no longer allows standby counsel.”

Where does Captain Sharon Price derive her advice from?  Why is she advising me now?  Now that Garland Baker is not?  The four motions I just properly filed and served on the DA on the 20th – have they been heard?  Why could they not be heard that day?  Do I need to be put on the docket to have them heard?  How is that done?  Why will the DA not speak directly with me?  Especially if I have no legal counsel?

Prison Life

There is another wave of sickness in the dorm – stuffy head, earaches, dry throat.

Also last night – one person from my 20-man dorm was taken to the hospital; he needed reconstructive surgery for a broken eye socket.  There have been multiple fights in here during my stay.  Normally, stitches solve the problem, but last night was a face-crusher.  The stress of living here causes people to snap over small things.

I just want to return to my quiet life – I love this area, and would like to return to my home to focus on my research, especially of the plants local to this area.  I was negotiating an option to purchase my rental – but this incarceration has been a huge financial setback and may have gotten me evicted.  I’ve only been gone three and a half months – perhaps I have not lost everything yet.

I’m struggling with depression.  Sometimes, I barely get out of bed but for a few hours in a day:  There is nothing to get up for – only a few fiction books that do not interest me, and card games that make me feel like I’m in a retirement home.  

My requests for legal material are all but denied:  I made more than ten verbal requests and five written requests for legal material.  In return, I was given five printed pages of other, irrelevant information. 

My vindication is that for as long as I am trapped in here, I will keep focused on exposing the administration – by publishing truth they seek to keep hidden.  


Hard Drugs

I am seriously depressed.

About a week ago, for the first time in my 46 year life, I began taking a pharmaceutical antidepressant, an SSRI.  I have done much reading about them.  I thought it would be a safe way to raise my serotonin levels.  However, it had side effects – I began to have ‘startle reflexes’ just as I would fall asleep – a kick of my leg, or a spasm in my arms, something I have never experienced before in my whole life.

I stopped taking it today.

I am still trying to be switched to a stronger and more effective antidepressant.  My body is accustomed to natural MAOI’s:  Golden Milk which is turmeric & black pepper, Passion Flower, and Banisteriopsis caapi, but Syrian Rue is nature’s strongest natural MAOI, which I requested.  However, I’m told only a pharmaceutical will be available.

MAOI’s stop the metabolism of my natural, endogenous serotonin and my endogenous DMT as you probably know.  The nurse is awaiting doctor’s permission to put me on an MAOI because it has dietary conflicts with preservatives:  I would no longer be able to eat food with yeast extracts like MSG – it’s the same diet required by Syrian Rue.  I offered to switch to a vegetarian diet tray because the bologna, chicken patties/nuggets, and other meats have preservatives in them.

I just got an email – I must send this before I can read it or see who sent it.

FYI:  The kind nurse’s name is Julie Foster.

Motions in Court

The purpose of today’s hearing was because my court-appointed counsel withdrew from my case.  He said to me privately “you are in a hole – and digging it deeper with the website”.  I disagree.  The judge granted his request to withdraw.  I asked for “standby counsel.”  The judge said that would be an issue for Superior Court, and then asked the DA when it will be bound over to Superior Court.  The DA replied, “Maybe this year, if we can get it before the Grand Jury that fast.”

The judge read all six of my charges and the time I am facing for each charge – it’s something like 20 years total.  The DA said, “It is the policy of our office that pleas are only discussed with an attorney representing the defense, never directly with the defendant.”

I asked if I could file more motions at today’s hearing.  The judge said, “You may hand them to the Clerk of Court as you leave.”  They could not be read aloud and discussed today.  Garland Baker kindly said he would hand them to the Clerk and “have them served on the DA – which makes them valid.”  The four new motions were filed properly today:

September 20, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle with this Motion for Discovery of Brady Material.  The constitution requires that prosecution disclose to the defense exculpatory evidence within its possession or control.  Therefore, I pray the Court order the information turned over to the defense.

September 20, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle with this Motion to Suppress Evidence.  Following an arrest for mushrooms, the search warrant obtained was based on hearsay.  Thus, all evidence collected as a result of this illegal search warrant should be considered “fruit of the poisonous tree” and be deemed inadmissible.  Therefore, I pray the Court order this Motion to Suppress Evidence.

September 20, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle with this Motion for Release of Evidence.  The laptop has no records of sales or any information supporting illegal activity.  If prosecution does not allege that it does, I pray the Court order that the property be returned because it contains invaluable research notes and information regarding neuro-medicine that will be used by the defense.

September 20, 2018
Now comes Brian Aberle with this Motion to Compel Discovery.  Following an aggressive search for two hours by ten men, I was arrested for mushrooms suspected to be hallucinogenic.  I suspect the mushrooms were common vegetables.  There was no probable cause for such an aggressive search and suspicion which resulted in the initial arrest.  Therefore, I pray the Court order that the mushrooms and the lab results from the mushrooms be available to the defense.  Please order prosecution to follow pretrial obligations to reveal evidence because discovery responses thus far are incomplete.

Mite be Scabies

I was threatened in front of the whole dorm:  I told the jailer that this [lice] outbreak is the fault of the administration here – and a deputy went off!  Yelling and threatening to have me “sent to the hole for my opinion” – he was pissed.

The inmates moved away from the deputy and encouraged me to do likewise; they feared that I would be beaten off-camera, then accused of assaulting the jailers:  I was not even disrespectful when I stated that uncleanliness lead to the outbreak, and that the administration is responsible for the cleanliness [of the detention center].

There is plenty of debate in this dorm about mites or scabies being in here – there seems to be more than lice:  There is an unknown skin condition affecting about a third of us. One person has what several of us think is a staph infection.  Another person has a positively identified case of ringworm – and has been given the correct anti-fungal medicine for it.

After my first arrest for marijuana – my landlord told me that several of the guys he works with from this area were arrested and held for 72 hours – and they came out of the jail with lice.  This is a VERY reoccurring problem here in the detention center, and the administration has “their own way of handling it” – which some might call insufficient.

Some family members are complaining from the outside.  One prisoner here – his mother worked in another jail for McDowell County, so she called a sergeant at that county to get resources about lice outbreaks.  It was not handled properly here – when she worked as a jailer at McDowell County, lice outbreaks were handled much differently.

They made everybody strip their bedding and sit around in underwear for about five hours today – when the laundry came back, it was still damp.  There is a rumor that we will all be forced to shave our heads bald – or be moved to isolation if we refuse.  Since I have court tomorrow, I may choose isolation and treat my infected scalp properly – certainly if I am released.

We are all itching.  We constantly ask for cleaning supplies – and we are constantly denied.

Discovery #2 of 3 – and Counting

This won’t be the last discovery; Motions to Compel notwithstanding, still missing are the lab results from the mushrooms, i.e. the probable cause for the original arrest.  Interestingly about the mushrooms that Brian harvested from his front yard, while they likely contained no psilocybin, they absolutely contained DMT.

Brian has truth and righteousness on his side, ACSO has search and seizure warrants based on hearsay if anything at all, and the public is witness to how they could be treated by ACSO.  As for the spectacle of how ACSO handles its business, certainly its “Grievance Process”:  I bet Sheriff Hartley is looking forward to December 31st.

Brian has his biggest “hearing” to-date tomorrow.  His third in as many weeks, in as many months.

No Grievances? No Problem!

My grievance was returned by Captain Sharon Price, dated Sept 18:

My request for legal reference material was responded to with “only specific information relating to your charges can be requested,” which is simply not true.  Nevertheless, I replied requesting current state and federal code, motions, and general court proceedings for reference material, plus current information regarding DMT laws:  The jail says it is only liable to give me the legal code for the crimes for which I am charged, which again is not true:  They owe defendants legal research material including case law, court proceedings, example motions, state and federal code – a typical jail or prison law library.

So, a deputy came and gave me “legal reference material” – I have been asking verbally, in writing and with grievances to get law books that will help me prepare for trial.  I was handed five printed pages of drug laws that make no mention of DMT anywhere on them.  The deputy was kind about it when I pointed out the insufficiency in what he handed me.  I had to sign that I received it, so next to my signature I put (1 of 4 requests) because the Motions, Case Law, and Federal code which I asked for were not included – and the state code that was given to me made mention of Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and MDMA – but nothing regarding DMT – so it is of little use.

As for all outstanding digital grievances:  The administration dismissed thousands of outstanding “grievances”. “Those grievances were not delivered,” was the reason given.  The jail rules handbook states that grievances should be filed on the digital kiosk.  That is were ALL inmates have been filing them since last year – none of which have been responded to – all of which are now deleted.

Of Lice and Men

Today (9/16), there was a confirmed case of lice in my dorm, “F”, that houses 20 men:  We were all deloused.  The female dorm had an epidemic lice outbreak just last month.  This filth is part of the punishment of a jail that provides no outside yard time with fresh air.

Just two days ago, there was some problem with the air conditioning system and the air became damp and muggy.  We keep a bucket in the small walking area that catches dripping water from the skylight; when it lands on the floor, it becomes very slippery.